20 October 2008

Favourite Detail: ***THE Shoes***

Welcome to another episode of *My Favourite Detail*
I have been talking about it but Today I dedicate a whole entry to one of my favourite subjects: The Bridal Shoe.
Yes, these little details can make a whole world of a difference. I believe the shoes are the secret gateway to a brides soul. What kind of shoe girl is she and what is she going to wear on her big day? Is it the summery sandal with silver straps? A comfy ballerina to dance the night away? Or a sparkly designer heel with intricate details? To this day, I still get excited like a kid because I know my brides love to make a fashion statement. Do you see those heels above? Aren't you also wondering who the bride is? What is her dress going to look like? Well, she is definitely a shoe fashionista and if I could crown her she'd be the queen of the most stylish bridal heels!

Tune back in this week to see it all revealed!

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