05 October 2008

The Day Before: Jess & Lee

Jess & Lee are one of my wonderful wedding destination couple who chose to get married in Malta. Jess and I had been in touch for over a year prior to her big day. We must have mailed each other dozens of times to discuss all the details of the wedding and it felt as if I've known Jess for ages. You can imagine how excited I was to finally meet the two. Shortly before our first get together, Jess emailed me with a short discription, she'll be the blonde with an excited smile and Lee the tanned bloke with the nervous frown.
I had to laugh so much when I read her words ... little did I know that she did not exaggerate! As I soon found out Lee is a bit camera shy but this didn't stop me making them "rock" the shoot.

Jess looks stunning... wait for her wedding!

You might ask yourself (as I did), how can I guy with such good looks be shy of a camera??!!

Jess did a great job distracting Lee!

Maybe the shades helped a bit too ;-)

Isn't the wall gorgeous?

Jess is a star in front of the camera

Ohhhhh how cute!

Workin' it

I don't remember what was so funny or embarrassing but I really like their expressions in this one

For the last part of our day out we headed to the beach. Unfortunatley, it was completly packed with no parking in sight so I quickly found a little bay for our last shot!

Next post up: Jess & Lee's big day! Look forward to the most stylish bridal shoes EVER!

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