29 October 2008

Summer Girls

The weather is incredibly warm for nearly November. It's hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner! Ahhh, I am still in a summery mood especially while I was working on this blog entry. I shot this beautiful mother-daughter duo during my peak wedding season and hadn't had time to share it yet but here it goes.

Yes, this is the mother of a 12 year old! I know it's hard to believe!

Gorgeous Odette

And that's her rockstar daughter Darrelyn, which seriously should look into modeling

Love this shot of them together! Will make a great wall portrait.

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23 October 2008

I DO: Jess & Lee

On a summery day, Jess & Lee said their I Do's in front of their closest friends and family in Malta. It was the perfect day to get married with crystal clear blue sky and lots of Maltese sunshine.

When I arrived in the morning at her hotel at the Westin Dragonora, Jess was still wrapped in her bathrobe, waiting patiently for her getting-ready and transformation into a bride.

Wedding mornings bring a special excitement. You could feel Jess' big butterflies making loops inside her stomach.

The first look after her unique hair-do. You can see the delighted face of her bridesmaid in the background:

Tata!!! The Shoes

which deserve special attention!

Startling looks

Jess and her parents

This was the view from her suite

I love this one with the veil flowing in the slight breeze

beautiful colours which really add to her complexion

During the ceremony

so sweet!

I normally don't post group photos but I really like the set-up, the bright smiles and the sun that is peeping in from behind

One lovely couple

Jess looks like a Goddess

The couple put so much detail into their day to make it extra special. I "stole" one of her butterflies to keep it as a souvenir :-)

In the evening between starter and dinner

we took 10 minutes to shoot some photos during the sunset

Another divine photo with extra divine light

We used the deckchairs for an unconventional setting

This is the view from where they had their dinner setting. You can see the lights of St. Julian's and Sliema in the background

This wedding had one of the best dad-daughter speeches ever! I had to watch myself not to shed a tear myself because it got really emotional...and somehow it reminded me of my own relationship with my dad.

Lee had some beautiful words for his new bride. It was sweet to watch a shy guy showing his affection and devotion in front of all the guests

One last intimate image for you

Thanks Jess & Lee for having me as your photographer and for all your kindness and generosity. I really enjoyed sitting between all your guests and enjoying the dinner with you.

20 October 2008

Favourite Detail: ***THE Shoes***

Welcome to another episode of *My Favourite Detail*
I have been talking about it but Today I dedicate a whole entry to one of my favourite subjects: The Bridal Shoe.
Yes, these little details can make a whole world of a difference. I believe the shoes are the secret gateway to a brides soul. What kind of shoe girl is she and what is she going to wear on her big day? Is it the summery sandal with silver straps? A comfy ballerina to dance the night away? Or a sparkly designer heel with intricate details? To this day, I still get excited like a kid because I know my brides love to make a fashion statement. Do you see those heels above? Aren't you also wondering who the bride is? What is her dress going to look like? Well, she is definitely a shoe fashionista and if I could crown her she'd be the queen of the most stylish bridal heels!

Tune back in this week to see it all revealed!

16 October 2008


NO, this is not a new model from Cute Overload (although she'd be a star on that website), this is more like my new personal distraction/ addiction.

I just knew it! I did NOT want any pets. Don't get me wrong I love animals but I did NOT want something small, cute, innocent that needs my attention all day. I have been telling Mark: No, we don't get a dog and no we definitley don't get a cat! I am just not ready for the responsibility!"
When this didn't work, I tried the following: "Do you actually know how expensive it is to keep a pet?"
Do you think my reasoning worked? Haha!
My last resort was: "You take care of it, well then you just can't go abroad anymore and forget diving on the weekends!"
Now, this must have really worked! ... oh..how wrong I was...
A few weeks past and Mark mentioned that there is a kitten that needs a new home as the owner wants to kill it if he does not get rid of it because the kitten is not a pure Persian breed. I got so angry! Why don't people just take care where there animals run around! Someone (like me) has to take care now just because he didn't?!
Yeah, and as usual he got me again! Above all that anger, my heart felt all soft and mushy as soon I laid my eyes on her! And I have to admit, she's the most adorable something...

Sabi is the size of my running shoes

She has a little soft toy she plays and sleeps with. I can't stop looking at her! I hate Mark for it!

I just have to stare, stare and stare! And if I don't stare I have to stare...

You see where this is going... and I know that I skipped a blog entry but I just felt like I had to share this one with you!

05 October 2008

The Day Before: Jess & Lee

Jess & Lee are one of my wonderful wedding destination couple who chose to get married in Malta. Jess and I had been in touch for over a year prior to her big day. We must have mailed each other dozens of times to discuss all the details of the wedding and it felt as if I've known Jess for ages. You can imagine how excited I was to finally meet the two. Shortly before our first get together, Jess emailed me with a short discription, she'll be the blonde with an excited smile and Lee the tanned bloke with the nervous frown.
I had to laugh so much when I read her words ... little did I know that she did not exaggerate! As I soon found out Lee is a bit camera shy but this didn't stop me making them "rock" the shoot.

Jess looks stunning... wait for her wedding!

You might ask yourself (as I did), how can I guy with such good looks be shy of a camera??!!

Jess did a great job distracting Lee!

Maybe the shades helped a bit too ;-)

Isn't the wall gorgeous?

Jess is a star in front of the camera

Ohhhhh how cute!

Workin' it

I don't remember what was so funny or embarrassing but I really like their expressions in this one

For the last part of our day out we headed to the beach. Unfortunatley, it was completly packed with no parking in sight so I quickly found a little bay for our last shot!

Next post up: Jess & Lee's big day! Look forward to the most stylish bridal shoes EVER!