25 September 2008

Heart and Soul

If I had to think about one wedding that eptomises what getting married is all about it will be Edel & Robert's wedding. It was a celebration of family, love and emotion...and so much more emotion! My ass. Fran and I just sighed seeing Edel and Rob together. It deeply touched us as their love and affection for each other is so evident.

Edel's theme was white throughout. Here are the flowers

Edel told me the rosary has a special meaning. Traditionally her grandmother will place it on the veil for a blessed marriage.

What a radiant bride.! Edel has the most irresistable smile.

Edel and her father. Family plays an important part in their life.

I know Edel thinks her smile is too big in this photo but I think it's the most beautiful one I have ever captured!

During the ceremony, I always try to stay hidden but close to the couple to capture those special emotions.

Yeah, we did!!!

Edel's cousin, which is like a second sister to her

After the ceremony, Edel and Rob went to Ta' Pinu to say a prayer together. I was so glad they would let me come along.

And the guys!

Edel's older brother George lives in Australia. He couldn't physically attend as he unfortunatley broke his foot which made flying out impossible. The couple surprised him tough and streamed the entire wedding live via internet.

Here "We are married & kisses":

Edel's collegues are fantastic. Thanks for playing along y'all!

The atmosphere was smoochie!

The first dance *sigh*

In the evening after the reception we went for a small photosafari. Rob loves lighthouses so there was one spot we had to go to. The effort to make it up on that hill was totally worth it!

The view:

which was pretty much breathtaking!


Edel said...

jess...thanks for allowing us to enjoy our wedding to the max and for capturing all the special moments :)

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Edelchen and Rob,

it was a special day for me and I am so happy I could share it with you both as your photographer but also as your "half" sister ;-)

Sabine said...

Jess, your photography is breathtaking and so refreshing. I thought you'd deserve an award... so I left it for you over at my blog! ;)

Have a great weekend!