19 September 2008

The Day After: Isla & Stuart

I am back again from my trip! I can't say I really had much time to relax since we were traveling cross-country in a tiny Smart Cabrio (can you imagine?) but it was an experience that I won't forget for some time to come :-)

Now finally, I am trying to catch up with a load of new blog posts. There's so much to come as I was shooting like crazy this summer.
Let's continue with Isla & Stuarts "Day-After"-Session which was incredible in every way... These two are so much fun and the day ran smooth like clockwork. I have to add that Isla is one of the most organised brides I ever met so everything she manages is garanteed stress free.
During their stay in Gozo Isla & Stu had rented a Jeep. For our day, we took great adavantage of it and went cross country. Ahh, how much I enjoyed the ride... I felt like a tourist ;)

First we stopped at the harbour. The colours are so pretty there

This sequence is so cute

The light was just insane. I can't get enough of it!

Afterwards Isla & Stuart took me to a place I have never been before. Hehehe, yeah like I said I was the tourist here

So delicious

Isn't it a beautiful place?

How cool is Isla? I love fearless brides!

A few more of "our" secret place

The last stop was at Dwejra and the Azure Window. I can't help but repeating myself, Isla & Stuart are an incredible couple! Have a look for yourself!

And the water was still cold but this didn't stop them!

So beautiful

Last sunset shot.

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Karin said...

Hi sweetheart! Don't hear from you long time...Wrote you an email few weeks ago.
my comment to the pitures:
You touch my heart, because it seems like i can feel the happiness,fun and love in this moment. You fixed the luck in your pictures. You express the mood with so many details...the smile , the sunlight, the surrounding...-like always!
Hope to hear from you- XXX Karin