25 September 2008

Heart and Soul

If I had to think about one wedding that eptomises what getting married is all about it will be Edel & Robert's wedding. It was a celebration of family, love and emotion...and so much more emotion! My ass. Fran and I just sighed seeing Edel and Rob together. It deeply touched us as their love and affection for each other is so evident.

Edel's theme was white throughout. Here are the flowers

Edel told me the rosary has a special meaning. Traditionally her grandmother will place it on the veil for a blessed marriage.

What a radiant bride.! Edel has the most irresistable smile.

Edel and her father. Family plays an important part in their life.

I know Edel thinks her smile is too big in this photo but I think it's the most beautiful one I have ever captured!

During the ceremony, I always try to stay hidden but close to the couple to capture those special emotions.

Yeah, we did!!!

Edel's cousin, which is like a second sister to her

After the ceremony, Edel and Rob went to Ta' Pinu to say a prayer together. I was so glad they would let me come along.

And the guys!

Edel's older brother George lives in Australia. He couldn't physically attend as he unfortunatley broke his foot which made flying out impossible. The couple surprised him tough and streamed the entire wedding live via internet.

Here "We are married & kisses":

Edel's collegues are fantastic. Thanks for playing along y'all!

The atmosphere was smoochie!

The first dance *sigh*

In the evening after the reception we went for a small photosafari. Rob loves lighthouses so there was one spot we had to go to. The effort to make it up on that hill was totally worth it!

The view:

which was pretty much breathtaking!

19 September 2008

The Day After: Isla & Stuart

I am back again from my trip! I can't say I really had much time to relax since we were traveling cross-country in a tiny Smart Cabrio (can you imagine?) but it was an experience that I won't forget for some time to come :-)

Now finally, I am trying to catch up with a load of new blog posts. There's so much to come as I was shooting like crazy this summer.
Let's continue with Isla & Stuarts "Day-After"-Session which was incredible in every way... These two are so much fun and the day ran smooth like clockwork. I have to add that Isla is one of the most organised brides I ever met so everything she manages is garanteed stress free.
During their stay in Gozo Isla & Stu had rented a Jeep. For our day, we took great adavantage of it and went cross country. Ahh, how much I enjoyed the ride... I felt like a tourist ;)

First we stopped at the harbour. The colours are so pretty there

This sequence is so cute

The light was just insane. I can't get enough of it!

Afterwards Isla & Stuart took me to a place I have never been before. Hehehe, yeah like I said I was the tourist here

So delicious

Isn't it a beautiful place?

How cool is Isla? I love fearless brides!

A few more of "our" secret place

The last stop was at Dwejra and the Azure Window. I can't help but repeating myself, Isla & Stuart are an incredible couple! Have a look for yourself!

And the water was still cold but this didn't stop them!

So beautiful

Last sunset shot.

10 September 2008

A Week Abroad & E-Mails

Hi my dear blog readers,
I am on a tiny vacation and will be returning on the 17th of September.
I do my best to get back to your emails asap.

!Important notice: Miliana, please resend your email and check you have entered your correct email address or a phone number as I received a failed attempt notice trying to contact you. If you don't hear from me please call me after the 17th.


02 September 2008

Killer Vintage Shoot

A few short announcements before we head over to the next entry.

There seems to be a bit of a problem with my email. If you tried to contact me and haven't heard back please use this email address: jessmori[at]gmail[dot]com
I get back to you asap.
My 2nd working computer that I do all my internet stuff with had a crash as well so Isla&Stuart's Day After Shoot has to be delayed but will be coming next.

Here some Happy News. We have a double feature in I DO magazine. First Grainne's & Desmonds dreamy Selmun Castle wedding
and the 2nd part of our amazing Bridal Fashion Shoot: The Total Vintage Edition.

The special item that has inspired us for this shoot, location, make-up & hair was this amazing authentic 70's lace wedding dress. Of course, we made some minor alterations to *spice* things up and give it a modern twist.

This is what I call perfect timing. Can you see the yellow vintage bus in the background?!

These red peep toes stole the show!

The location was perfect

One of my signature images. This specific one was turned into an art print on special water color paper. It turned out divine.

The yellow car was another little vintage accessory that added to the shoot, not to forget this old Maltese cemetery in the background.

I loved this location, so fresh and spacey

This was shot just before sunset at Golden Bay. Later on it received some special treatment to recreate that warm and grainy 70's film look.

Photographer: yours truly, Jessica C. Moritz
Styling, hair & make-up: Desiree Moritz
Model: Sophia Angelina Cefai