23 July 2008


Long blog post coming!

This post has been long overdue and before I blog Edel& Rob's elegant Sunday morning wedding at Ta' Cenc I wanted to share their pre-wedding.
One thing: this shoot was so relaxing and real. Edel & Rob just wanted to
be themselves, do what they would normally do and have fun.

We started the day in Gozo and this is how you would typically find these two on a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

They believe in good relationship values... including peeling oranges and feeding them to Rob ;-)

I really like the mood of this image

Yes, Edel also values Rob's cooking skills

I think this image would make every girl happy!

Then it was time for some fun at the pool...

I am sneaky... this is my absolute favourite sequence of the day!

Yeah, we even went shopping!

I am so glad we didn't get kicked out... good that I know how to shoot from my hip!

The next day we were back in Malta in their new apartment. I always wanted to do something like this:

Ohhh, so sweet and emotional

We roamed the streets of a very popular town

and I saw this amazing shadow:

It's crazy but I have so many more images. If you like to see them you have to come over to me for a coffee ;-)

11 July 2008


Here's something very important to me. Ya'll know how much I try to promote local talent. If it was for me I would like to see our Maltese "ambassadors" all over the planet earth! There is so much amazing talent here that needs a little extra push into the big wide world.
You may recognize Sophia from the several competitions, cat walkshows, photo shoots. Now she is heading for even greater things! You can go and support our local model by giving your daily vote at

Good luck Soph!!!

08 July 2008

A Beautiful Day

There is one song that always passes through my head when I think of Des & Grainne's wedding day and "The-Day-After" Shoot. And I think there isn't a better song that sums up the feeling than "It's a Beautiful Day"... by U2.
Let me show you why....

Grainne personalizes the vintage look with a modern twist. This one can be beautifully transformed into an art print

The old circular staircase at Selmun Castle... *sigh*

We headed out and found this nice rugged-up old place.

A small detail of Grainne's second surprise dress for Des... I think he liked it... a lot!

Summer time

The two of them were so sweet and took me on their sunset cruise.

And it was a truly beautiful day

02 July 2008

Favourite Detail

If you know me and my style you will know how much I like to include details in my photography. Sometimes small things can tell the story and/or complement it. While editing a recent Post-Wedding shoot I came across this detail and it became a recent favourite of mine. Everything is so divine in this shot... the way the light passes through the wedding dress to reveal the brides slender figure while the wind creates movement, and the colours of the surrounding add to the overall atmosphere of this couple's intimate moment.

I hope this gave you a little bit of appetite of what's to come!