23 May 2008

Getting There

A little update on our construction site. As you can see we are moving on, no not in! not quite yet!

Good news, to make the move quick we finally got windows!!! Yippee!

Well, but we still have that huge pile of dust and rubble in the middle of the living..and it seems to be getting rather bigger than smaller.

My prayers were heard though and all the workers came ... oops that's my dad. He flew in. Thanks Papa, wouldn't make it without him!

And the guys for the tiles are doing a great job in the bathroom. Although we had to change plans and I was a bit disappointed it still turned out nice. Can't wait to show you the finished place!

The en suite is getting there too.

Wow, and this is a little scary to watch in action. This guy has guts, 4th floor and hanging out there.

That's it for now... have to get back to painting (mmhh although I think I leave that up to the men ;-)

15 May 2008

Aloha Gozo!

Quick note to let everyone know I will be in Gozo for a wedding and a Post-wedding. I won't be able to access E-Mail but I'll get back to you on Monday when I have returned to the office.
On a side note, I am super busy right now and do not have a lot of extra time for lots of blog posts. Although I have many shoots to share they have to wait a little bit due to the busy wedding season and also due to the fact that we are moving next week. Yikes!
That actually has caused me a small headache lately.
Look at the heap of dust on the image below: (in the middle of the living)
As you can see there are also no windows in the new house. When was moving date? 26th May! Yeah right!

If that wasn't enough, have a look at my bathroom below.

I just can't seemed to be to bothered too much as work has kept me too busy to think about it. But please do say a little prayer for me. I could use a miracle!

On a positive note, my car has finally arrived!!!
YEAH! I am so happy! It's small 107 but it's just the most practical car for Malta.

And even from above it looks sexy!

I'll be off to Gozo now shooting a wedding tomorrow morning. I'll keep ya'll updated!!!
Have a great day and enjoy the sun!

01 May 2008

Spring Sun, Fresh & Fun

Happy Holiday everyone! Hope you all took an extra day off for a super nice loooong weekend!
Today, I have some spring-summery images for you that will melt down any last bits of your winter mood. Yeah, summer is coming!!!

So let me take you into my spring garden and show you the amazing shots Flavia and I got.

What an awesome profile...

but even front-on Flavi is looking gooood....

When I saw this image I immediately thought of a black haired barbie doll. Look at those legs!!!

Very modelesque! Love it!

Her eyes look so green in this image... the background mirrors them perfectly!

We had these bright yellow flowers. Such a perfect timing for a shoot!

I love real expressions from the heart!!!

Haha, Flavi you are so adorable!

And beautiful!

My favourite image of the day! Just love the summery feel of this juicy field with bright yellow flowers and Flavia's relaxed expression as she turned around when I called her.
This could easily make it as big print or canvas in my gallery.

Another beautiful shot... I think Flavi loves this one!

PS: Congratulation to Flavia, she's just opened up her brand new salon in Zebugg. If you need a cutting egde hairdesser here are the details to the shop:

Twentyseven 20
Hair and Beauty
Vjal il-Helsien
tel: 27201111