22 April 2008

On the COVER!!!

I am so excited to show the cover of FIRST magazine. Yes, this is the ueber-talented Soprano Miriam Cauchi who shines from the cover of First! I can't tell you how excited I have been ever since I heard she was interviewed by well-known journalist and editor Marie Benoit. I have known Miriam for maybe one and a half months but I am in sheer awe when I learned how many things she's accomplished so far in her life and how many things are happening for her right now. Last Saturday, she was on the talk show Bla Agenda, on Sunday she was front cover, next Saturday she will be starring, e.g. performing at Il Magazzino, Valletta Waterfront. It will be a heavenly night "with a mix of popular classic songs and arias and more".
I am ever so proud of Miriam to see and witness where this path of life is taking her, I feel euphoric and humbled that Miriam has made me a part of of her path.

Here's the interview and magazine spread:
The front cover and first image were taken at Palazzo Parisio, Naxxar and will be featuring soon here on the blog

A full image of the spread:

Keep your eyes out for Miriam, you will be seeing and hearing about her!

Here's the info to her next performance:
26 April 2008, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Lion's Club @ Il Magazzino, Valletta Waterfront. The proceeds will go towards funding the replacement of Glaucoma machines at Health Centres.
Recital is followed by a lavish gala dinner.
Tickets for concert Euro s 12, dinner: Euros 43
Tel: 99472451, 79439961, 99420446

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Anonymous said...

Jessi, wir sind sehr stolz auf Dich. Papa und Mama!