16 March 2008

Deep Blue and Bright Yellow

Yesterday was such an amazing day. A bright blue sky and sunshine as if it is summer already! It was my first day that I went for a walk in a T-Shirt (I ended up with a mild sunburn, UV is up to 6 already!). YEAH! I think if the weather stays so warm I am going to start wearing my sandals instead of my *stinky* sneakers ;-)
I know I am completely showing off here. We are so spoiled with the weather in Malta!

The above image was taken during my walk in the countryside (straight from my digital compact, no editing!). I was scouting some locations for an upcoming shoot. Well, the location is just breathtaking. Everywhere it blossoms and blooms. Malta was never this green and colourful before. Well maybe yes... but every spring I am mesmerized all over again. I feel so alive! Even the air seems to be fresher and cleaner.

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday! Tune in beginning of the week. I have several blog posts coming up!
Now I'll go for a jog (it's my second day in a row, wow! I hope I still get a bit in shape before summer comes! I haven't given up yet :-) and then I have to set up everything for a portfolio session for later this afternoon. Can't wait, this is the best time for a portrait session!
Happy Sunday to y'all!!!

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