27 March 2008

Kinetic, what?!

And I thought I was creative.
Watch this!

19 March 2008

A Day with Miriam Cauchi, Part I

I had to post this session a bit out of order but I wanted to show you how beautiful the countryside is in March. If you think about booking a session, do it NOW! This is the best time to get some amazing natural backgrounds in your photographs. In just a few weeks everything starts drying up and you miss out on all that dramatic luscious green, yellow, pink and purple blue!

A few weeks ago Miriam and I met up for a coffee to discuss her upcoming portfolio session. Miriam Cauchi is a professional opera singer (soprano) and works both locally and abroad. I feel so honored to have been picked to document her personality. It's always flattering to be chosen by another artist. ;-)
It was very important to Miriam to show her not only as the opera singer but as her, e.g. the private person. We opted to split the session in two. Today you are going to see Miriam behind the scenes, relaxed, fun and full of spirit!

Meet Miriam Cauchi

We were looking for some fun, fresh looks and came up with this beautiful field of flowers. They look like thousands of little sparkling lights. Can you see them in the back? What a beautiful place!
IMAGE back online soon! Wait for some great news!

Miriam has AMAZING hair!!!
SOON back online!

We constantly had changing light levels. One time it was extremely sunny, the next moment we had big clouds and shade. It was quite a challenge because I shot the entire session in Manual Mode (if you are a photographer, you'll know what I mean)

I think pink & purple should be Miriam's new colour. I might be biased, tough ;-)

Just love this timeless portrait. The first thing I noticed about Miriam is her strong eye contact with the camera.

I like to joke that this was taken in my front garden. Can you guess where? PS: there is a tiny hint in the background

Love it, love it!

Such a cute and contagious smile

Isn't it so juicy green? You hardly see Malta like this

Another one with the flower field. These flowers have actually wilted already. On my last visit they were gone. How lucky we were!

We also battled with strong wind. I was first concerned about it, especially since Miriam's hair was blow dried and styled for the session. I quickly realized though how much energy it added to her strong personality.

Soon back online!
One last beautiful portrait

I would like to thank Sophia for coming out and assisting me even though she felt sick. Thanks my sweetie!

Make-Up: Natasha Polidano (Thanks for making it on such a short notice!)
Hair: Tony & Guy, Sliema

Miriam is performing soon. Keep looking out for updates.

16 March 2008

Deep Blue and Bright Yellow

Yesterday was such an amazing day. A bright blue sky and sunshine as if it is summer already! It was my first day that I went for a walk in a T-Shirt (I ended up with a mild sunburn, UV is up to 6 already!). YEAH! I think if the weather stays so warm I am going to start wearing my sandals instead of my *stinky* sneakers ;-)
I know I am completely showing off here. We are so spoiled with the weather in Malta!

The above image was taken during my walk in the countryside (straight from my digital compact, no editing!). I was scouting some locations for an upcoming shoot. Well, the location is just breathtaking. Everywhere it blossoms and blooms. Malta was never this green and colourful before. Well maybe yes... but every spring I am mesmerized all over again. I feel so alive! Even the air seems to be fresher and cleaner.

I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday! Tune in beginning of the week. I have several blog posts coming up!
Now I'll go for a jog (it's my second day in a row, wow! I hope I still get a bit in shape before summer comes! I haven't given up yet :-) and then I have to set up everything for a portfolio session for later this afternoon. Can't wait, this is the best time for a portrait session!
Happy Sunday to y'all!!!

07 March 2008

Sarah and Joseph featured in I DO

Yesterday, I received a call from the editor of I DO Magazine telling me that Sarah and Joseph's wedding that I shot last July has been featured in their latest issue. I think you can imagine how happy I was! I couldn't wait to pick up my copies and have a look. When I flipped open the magazine I was happily surprised, their feature looks amazing!!! Sarah and Joseph got a five page spread with three full pages!!! I couldn't be happier. I immediately called up my sis (who is the beautiful bride) to share the news. Now she has to wait for her copy but at least she can take a sneak peek here on my blog ;-)

The cover of I DO

Their feature cover

Look at their huge smiles while they walk back up the aisle. This photo deserves a full page.

I first was laughing when my sis told me she wants one copy to look at and to keep on the coffee table and one perfect copy to preserve for future Cassar generations! Then it filled me with deep gratitude to know that their wedding photos will be a family heirloom that bears witness to their love and commitment. I imagined Fifty to Sixty years from now, Sarah and Joseph's children will look at the photos and say to their children: "Look at Granny and Grandpa, weren't they radiant and happily in love on their wedding day?!"

To read their story you can pick up a copy at your local newsstand!