15 February 2008

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What I love about my job is that I not only get to meet great people but also once in a while I get some really great goodies. Recently I was so lucky to have been introduced to the people of Cortex Ltd. who got me completely hooked on their milk_shake. Even my dry and skinny hair looks super shiny luscious and it smells soooo gooood. I could sniff on my hair all day. If I didn't know it any better I'd try to lick it. Yep, it smells THAT good!

Well, here is the BIG (it's big!) bottle of magic:
Click image to get more info

And here are all the great faces behind Cortex

And here is the founder of Cortex Ltd., the one who brought milk_shake to our shores

We met at San Anton's Garden for some staff photos. What a beautiful backdrop!

We took it real easy for the first couple of snaps!

It was so funny because everyone thought we were done after I clicked about 3 images.. but that was just the beginning!

Yeah, I even made them run arm in arm up and down the park. Got to love some team spirit! And they actually look like they had fun even though 4 of them wore stilettos

This is going to be their staff group photo:

Afterwards I took the girls 2 by 2
Aren't they lovely?

And then it was time to show off their moves to bring out their individual personalities.

I love this sequence of Ruth, she knows how to swing her amazing hair!

And here's the wonderful Flavia. She is an expert in health and fitness. Keep a look-out for her. She has big things coming up and I am so delighted to be working with her in the future.

The newest addition to the team, Eva. She is so easy going with a true natural spirit.

Last but not least, Daina! She is so amazing! I had the chance to talk with her for a while and see she's everything but conventional.

For the end, my absolute favorite image of the session. This could easily become a piece of wall art to enhance Cortex Offices. ;-)
(Click on it to see it big!)

Thanks everyone, I had so much fun and I hope you did too! xoxox

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