29 February 2008

***Virtual Model***

I have great news that make me so proud!!! One of my favorite models is one of the 12 girls who have been chosen for the XFM Virtual Model competition. I feel so ecstatic because I know how much all of this means to her. Can you guess who it is?! Have a look at those eyes, take a guess and scroll down below to find out who's the girl behind those mesmerizing green eyes.

Keep guessing
Tatatatata: Who else but my lovely Sophia! How can someone forget a face like hers....

.... and those eyes! It might be an overused saying but Sophias eyes are truly the window to her soul. I just can't get fed up looking at them. It feels as if there are a million mysteries hidden down there. The longer you look the more they drawn you into them and you'll have to be careful not to get lost...

Enough deep stuff, here's a "lighter image" with such a cute smile

A little treat. One of the unreleased images of our Bridal Fashion shoot

This one was from the notorious "Sophia & the City" shoot. (Outfit by H&M)

Same shoot, at the Central train station

And here one of the test shots. Sophia has super long legs... no photoshopping!

Beach session, August 2006.

This one, you'll remember from the *Fashionista* Shoot

and some more unreleased material
Make-Up and Styling by Desiree Moritz

Another gooddie from the Bridal Fashion Extravaganza. Just love the colors, light and Sophia's expression.

When I looked through all these images and choosing the ones for Today's blogpost I couldn't help but feel so proud... not of myself but of Sophia, who has grown into such a stunning person. Sophia's beauty is evident. Someone who will see her might just see a pretty girl but there is so much more hidden that is not quite so evident. Sophia is a very deep person with a mysterious soul, at the same time, so faithful and true, loving and giving. I just love her to bits and care about her like an older sister would care for her little sister. Want to give Sophia some loving? You can leave her a comment and send a blank sms to (+356) 50614312 to give her your vote for the next Virtual Model!

23 February 2008

My Grandparents

Today, I would like to share something personal with you. The other day, my grandpa sent me his engagement photos. I had been asking for them so many times and finally he got around scanning and sending them via E-Mail. Not bad for an 80 year old to figure that out. But I have to admit, my grandpa is a computer freak and uses the PC to stay in touch with his kids and grandkids who live across the world. Last time he called me on Skype. Now that's what I call "keeping up with the times".
Below are their engagement photos. I love them so much! Everyone of their five children has a copy of them hanging in their living room. These photos have truly become a family heirloom.

We always joke and tell Oma & Opa that they look like Hollywood starlets of a bygone time.
I love looking at their faces and analyze what I "got" from each one of them. In fact, a lot of people say I resemble my grandfather. We have the same shape of eyes, lips and shape of face. My mother on the other hand, resembles her mother, my grandma. But all in all it is amazing to see how much we all look alike from my maternal side of the family.

Here is a photo of them just leaving the church. Wedding photography has since come a long way but I think the photographer was already quite a photojournalist!

And here is a photo of their first dance as husband and wife.

I hope you all liked the little trip into the past.

Hugs and kisses to Oma & Opa the best grandparents in the world. Soon they are going to be great-grandparents for the very first time! Congratulations to Timmy and Cathy in Colorado, USA. Can't wait to see you and your little bundle of joy for next christmas under Mama& Papa's christmas tree in Berlin!

15 February 2008

The_shake The_experience

What I love about my job is that I not only get to meet great people but also once in a while I get some really great goodies. Recently I was so lucky to have been introduced to the people of Cortex Ltd. who got me completely hooked on their milk_shake. Even my dry and skinny hair looks super shiny luscious and it smells soooo gooood. I could sniff on my hair all day. If I didn't know it any better I'd try to lick it. Yep, it smells THAT good!

Well, here is the BIG (it's big!) bottle of magic:
Click image to get more info

And here are all the great faces behind Cortex

And here is the founder of Cortex Ltd., the one who brought milk_shake to our shores

We met at San Anton's Garden for some staff photos. What a beautiful backdrop!

We took it real easy for the first couple of snaps!

It was so funny because everyone thought we were done after I clicked about 3 images.. but that was just the beginning!

Yeah, I even made them run arm in arm up and down the park. Got to love some team spirit! And they actually look like they had fun even though 4 of them wore stilettos

This is going to be their staff group photo:

Afterwards I took the girls 2 by 2
Aren't they lovely?

And then it was time to show off their moves to bring out their individual personalities.

I love this sequence of Ruth, she knows how to swing her amazing hair!

And here's the wonderful Flavia. She is an expert in health and fitness. Keep a look-out for her. She has big things coming up and I am so delighted to be working with her in the future.

The newest addition to the team, Eva. She is so easy going with a true natural spirit.

Last but not least, Daina! She is so amazing! I had the chance to talk with her for a while and see she's everything but conventional.

For the end, my absolute favorite image of the session. This could easily become a piece of wall art to enhance Cortex Offices. ;-)
(Click on it to see it big!)

Thanks everyone, I had so much fun and I hope you did too! xoxox

08 February 2008

The Parklane *COMING SOON*

Stay tuned for the revamp of The Parklane Hotel: new rooms, new furnishing, new details! A complete New Look but still the same wonderful friendly & homely atmosphere that has made it so popular!

Here a sneak peek for the new website (launching this spring!)

04 February 2008

***The Perfect Gift of LOVE***

Have you found that special someone and you'd like to give him or her the perfect Valentines surprise? This month I have a special for all the ones who are in love and the perfect gift to give to your special someone! If you'd like more information please email me by using my mailbox on the sidebar or mail directly to info{at}jessmor{dot}com.