12 January 2008

Sand & Water

The Beachy Bride experience:
I have to start this post with my absolute favorite image of the session. It completely sums up our experience at the beach. I think Ruth looks so stunning, as if she just popped out of a magazine advert by Calvin Klein.

It is so easy to photograph Ruth, she must have been a model before married life!

I love the windswept-vintage feel of this one

This one holds bags of atmosphere for me!

We planned to get wet so Ruth took little black hot pants along. They really came handy after the train of the dress got so heavy from the water that we had to change into something more "comfortable"

Look out for the water in this sequence

Another one of my favorites, simply breathtaking!

I had to add this one in black&white

One last hair shot to show how soaked we got.

Hope you enjoyed it! I had an absolute blast to do something different and I am so stoked Ruth was willing to go into the water with her wedding dress. When you see the results, though, it was absolutely worth it!
For all the ones who asked me what happened to the dress after the session. No worry, it has been dry cleaned and is safely stored in the closet again!


anna said...

Simply Godesque! The beach, the water, the atmospheer is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing with us.

Euchar said...

Dear Jessica, A few weeks ago i was surfing on the net and found
a link to this blog. I was amused by the originalities in your
photos. You're such a talented photographer, your photos are
really nice, keep doing the good job

Jessica C. Moritz said...

I ***blow*** some kisses your way! Truly appreciate all your comments!
Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

One Word: HOT! HOT! HOT!
I want more!