28 January 2008

Lucky Star

I thank my lucky star that Sarah & Keith have found me! Both are so wonderful inside out, they have truly touched my heart! One thing I have observed is that their love does not need a million words. Their communication is on a much deeper level. It's a more like a subtle look or a touch that they use to "speak". As a very good friends put it: They anticipate each others moves. They know what the other one thinks without the need to speak.
I feel humbled that they have let me into their lives and introduced me to their family and friends, who all made me feel really warm and fuzzy! Thank You!

Sarah & Keith

I love this photo. They are so cute!

What did I tell you about deep looks? ;-)

They are so adorable.

December sky.

We were lucky. You Can't buy this light! (Click image to see it big)

Champagne on sunset.

And a sunset we had!

Their cute idea!

Sarah and Keith had a big engagement party and invited about 100 guests. Here some quick details:
The Melita

Gorgeous Sarah in her gown

Ha, so cute! Sleeping diva ;-)

For the blessing.

Opening up the cards

One subtle hug

And one last beautiful and intimate moment

Thank you Sarah & Keith! I can't wait for your wedding, I know it's going to be amazing!


Malcolm said...

Juust a note to congratulate you on the pictures .. very
professional and true to life ... Well done .. Malcolm

Andy said...

Hi Jess, another stunning set. Prosit! By now you must have a load of expert techniques for keeping sand out of people's clothes...

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Thank you for your comments! Hi Andy! We not only had to keep the sand out of the clothes but we got a little wet too. Keith pants were soaked at the bottom and Sarah went barefoot on the sand and in the water for about an hour in December!!! I kept praying she won't get sick as she had her engagement party the next day! They were real troopers and I had so much fun!

Nikko said...

These are great! also great spot, since no one is really there on Comino, is where this is I believe. Love the super wideangle picture with the tower in the backdrop.
Great work!