24 January 2008


My dear blog readers,

I hope you are all doing fine and you are having better weather than we have here in Malta. I had a full day outside, running from one place to another and the wind was crazy, let alone the gigantic waves! It was as if the sea was in some sort of rage. My telephone, internet connection, TV were also cut off for most of the day.
I just wanted to get back to all the couples and persons who have emailed me with inquiries for weddings and portfolio sessions. Please check your INBOX for a reply. I have answered to everyone of you and if you haven't heard back from me please check your SPAM folder. When you Email me please make sure to have all the details of your address correct. You can also always do it the easy way and send me an sms on 79947271 with your inquiry and your details. I will get back to you with all the info as soon as possible.
On a different note, a new photo entry is on its way. Sorry for my slacking but I promise to keep you all updated with some brand new Jessmor News!
Thanks for checking in here and if you have something to say leave a comment ;-)

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