28 January 2008

Lucky Star

I thank my lucky star that Sarah & Keith have found me! Both are so wonderful inside out, they have truly touched my heart! One thing I have observed is that their love does not need a million words. Their communication is on a much deeper level. It's a more like a subtle look or a touch that they use to "speak". As a very good friends put it: They anticipate each others moves. They know what the other one thinks without the need to speak.
I feel humbled that they have let me into their lives and introduced me to their family and friends, who all made me feel really warm and fuzzy! Thank You!

Sarah & Keith

I love this photo. They are so cute!

What did I tell you about deep looks? ;-)

They are so adorable.

December sky.

We were lucky. You Can't buy this light! (Click image to see it big)

Champagne on sunset.

And a sunset we had!

Their cute idea!

Sarah and Keith had a big engagement party and invited about 100 guests. Here some quick details:
The Melita

Gorgeous Sarah in her gown

Ha, so cute! Sleeping diva ;-)

For the blessing.

Opening up the cards

One subtle hug

And one last beautiful and intimate moment

Thank you Sarah & Keith! I can't wait for your wedding, I know it's going to be amazing!

24 January 2008


My dear blog readers,

I hope you are all doing fine and you are having better weather than we have here in Malta. I had a full day outside, running from one place to another and the wind was crazy, let alone the gigantic waves! It was as if the sea was in some sort of rage. My telephone, internet connection, TV were also cut off for most of the day.
I just wanted to get back to all the couples and persons who have emailed me with inquiries for weddings and portfolio sessions. Please check your INBOX for a reply. I have answered to everyone of you and if you haven't heard back from me please check your SPAM folder. When you Email me please make sure to have all the details of your address correct. You can also always do it the easy way and send me an sms on 79947271 with your inquiry and your details. I will get back to you with all the info as soon as possible.
On a different note, a new photo entry is on its way. Sorry for my slacking but I promise to keep you all updated with some brand new Jessmor News!
Thanks for checking in here and if you have something to say leave a comment ;-)

15 January 2008

I *HEART* Trees

Happy Tree Day to everyone!!! Did you know Today is Arbor Day, an international holiday to celebrate and encourage people to plant trees?
I just love trees! At my parents home we have gigantic pine trees growing all around the house and neighborhood. One is right in front of my bedroom window. I watched it grow from year to year, and now it reaches above the third floor of our house. As it grows taller its branches spread so far that when I open my window in the attic I can touch the tips of that pine tree. I cannot say how many times I watched this tree and all the life it has and gives. It makes me laugh when I see squirrels chasing each other from branch to branch, it makes me listen in awe when hear a bird sing its beautiful song, it makes me happy when I can observe baby birds' first attempt to fly.
I cannot imagine a world without trees, look at what we would be missing out:

Isn't it wonderful that Malta is part of the countries that celebrate Arbor Day, through initiatives such as the Tree For You campaign! With all the support of groups, companies and individuals "little forest" are growing everywhere across Malta and the island is becoming greener and greener. I feel very humbled that I can be part of it and document this exciting process.
Between christmas and New Year I was invited by the Ministry for Rural Affairs and the Environment to join in at a tree planting session at Ta' Qali.

First i had a look around and I thought this made a nice scene:

Then I was off to see the olive trees that have been planted in the area.

Everyone can become a sponsor. Just check out the 4Ugifts. (click on link) It' so easy to take part!
Red bows during the "Istrina" Fund Raising. Thank you Robert & Sarah!

Then it was time to meet the Minister, George Pullicino... and his time to shake hands with the little tree planters.

Some fun instructions before the start

Alright, some last questions?

Let's go!

Do you need help?

Click the image to see it in big. This little girl really knows what she wants and is instructing how to do it the proper way. According to the Minister she will either become a lawyer or a minister herself ;-)

Hey, teamwork ain't that bad after all!

Good Job!
More tree planting activities are coming your way. Hope to see you there!
Special thanks to the Ministry and Glenn Bugeja!

12 January 2008

Sand & Water

The Beachy Bride experience:
I have to start this post with my absolute favorite image of the session. It completely sums up our experience at the beach. I think Ruth looks so stunning, as if she just popped out of a magazine advert by Calvin Klein.

It is so easy to photograph Ruth, she must have been a model before married life!

I love the windswept-vintage feel of this one

This one holds bags of atmosphere for me!

We planned to get wet so Ruth took little black hot pants along. They really came handy after the train of the dress got so heavy from the water that we had to change into something more "comfortable"

Look out for the water in this sequence

Another one of my favorites, simply breathtaking!

I had to add this one in black&white

One last hair shot to show how soaked we got.

Hope you enjoyed it! I had an absolute blast to do something different and I am so stoked Ruth was willing to go into the water with her wedding dress. When you see the results, though, it was absolutely worth it!
For all the ones who asked me what happened to the dress after the session. No worry, it has been dry cleaned and is safely stored in the closet again!

01 January 2008

Happy New Year!!!

And some Eye Candy for you...

Hang on with me, this is going to be a mega long photo blog post for your viewing pleasure . I am so happy to finally show the images of our absolutely crazyliscious post-wedding photosession with the amazing Ruth & Mark. When I first told these two of the idea of a shoot where we will completely get wet including the wedding attire PLUS photographer, I was surprised that they loved the idea! Who would have thought of a bride and groom who are willing to jump into the water fully dressed... but Ruth & Mark GOT IT! Heck, why should you leave your wedding dress to rot away in a box that's somewhere deeply hidden in the last corner of your closet if you can have amazing images and the time of your life?! Well, I might have to add that Ruth&Mark have been married for 5 years, so it was also a great experience to "get dressed up" and see how it feels to get back in their wedding outfits to do things that you can't do on your wedding day. But let's rewind time a bit and go to the beginning.

We decided to the session in Gozo and we were at this beautiful home surrounded by big lush garden with pool.

Inside we had this huge mirror... how could I not use it for this portrait?!

Then we headed out into the streets of Gozo. Can you guess where it is?

Deliberate motion blur. I wanted Mark to be still to enhance Ruth's movement

Oh, so cute

In one of the small alleys of Rabat... it was magical and so peaceful...

I love their passionate tenderness

Ain't she radiant?!

Yeah, and I love the beach. We went to the "not-so-secret-beach" of San Blas. If you know it.. you also know THE way DOWN!

But it was worth it. Look at the light and colors

Ahh, this must be one of my fav... a smile caught in the moment.. a true Jessmor Moment ;-)

Small moments of a relationship

Yeah, we are getting there

...Sand & love

I really loved this session. Don't you miss summer just looking at it? Thanks Ruth & Mark for being so amazing!
Hey, I kept some goodies back. Check back soon for Ruth's incredible beach water photos!!!