28 December 2007

What's This?!

Hey everyone,
hope you all had a fabulous, wonderful and peaceful christmas! Mine was quite laid back since I did not go to Berlin... so no sitting around Mama & Papa's christmas tree. Well, I missed that but I kept busy with giving my first dinner, ever! I am not a seasoned cook but I gave it a try. I hope it wasn't too bad.. except for the dry meat!
I also allowed myself a lazy day. An entire day sitting in front of the TV. Don't asked me how I manged to do that but at the end of the day I went haywire ;-)

Anyway, I have great new stuff coming up. Do you see the image above? Those are the "left-overs" from a post-wedding session. I know, some might be cringing now but it was AWESOME! See all for yourself in just a couple of days!
PS: Have an AMAZING New Year's EVE and looking forward hearing from you all!

14 December 2007

Model Portfolios

Now it's the time again to reserve your date for a model portfolio shoot! All shoots will take place from January to March 08. My models will get a complete session package, including:
  • consultation meeting
  • different outfits, styles, locations
  • head shots, full body shots
  • full imagine enhancement, including ***glamorous & perfect skin***
  • a beautiful, new portfolio with your images
Currently I work and on a portfolio that is completely different. If you would like to have a sneak peek when it's ready E-Mail me for a password to enter my protected webgallery!

02 December 2007

***Fantastic X-MAS Offer***

This is a special offer for all your image orders. Now you can save 20% off the regular print price if you place your order before the 12th December 08. Hurry up so you have your photos ready for this Christmas!
Still need a thoughtful and fabulous gift for a special person?
For this season I also exclusively give a 20% discount on lifestyle, family and model shoots if you book before the 12th. (the session would take place in January and February).
E-mail me for more info about our great gift cards.