23 November 2007

Wanted: Videographer

Hi everyone,

I am searching for a good videographer that has a similar style like mine. I am looking for person who knows the meaning of photojournalism and documentary style who is willing to work hand in hand with me. And I truly mean documentary and not videographers with HUGE obstructing cameras and 101 search lights that disturb the atmosphere of the wedding. If someone has or someone knows of someone who has the capability of filming events and editing with professional software please contact me via E-Mail at info[at]jessmor[dot]com . Training will be provided for.

Couples: This week I sent out the newsletter with updates of the wedding fair offers. If you were on the mailing list and haven't heard from me yet please use the Mailer on the sidebar to get in touch with me (or use my E-mail address above). Check also your spam folder as it might have landed there. If anyone else would like to get in touch, I am looking forward hearing from you!


Anonymous said...

I'm in London whare about you?
Please let me know?
my site is www.dreamyphoto.com
email me on abuhamed@hotmail.co.uk
Y Ali

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hey there, thanks fr dropping by. I am located in Malta! I will have a look at your website. tnx!