26 November 2007

***Swept Away***

The above image was taken during a "We Did!" Session (post-wedding) that I offer with many of my packages. Some couples ask me why they should do a post-wedding, especially since it is not their actual wedding day and won't be the same. EXACTLY! A Post-Wedding should be completely different than the photography on your wedding day. On your most important and special day I am there to document the events, love and emotions, and little surprises. Although I take my couples "away" after the ceremony for a small short break and some photos I try to limit that time to around 25 to 30 mins. I want my couples to have as much time as possible to enjoy every moment of their day. I truly DO NOT want to turn their wedding into a photoshoot!
The post-wedding is a different story. We have the entire day to create some amazing images like the one above. We are under no pressure because of falling light levels, waiting guests, etc.
In fact, I recommend to "dress it down" a little and stay more "casual". The "We-Did"-Session is a little extra piece to the whole wedding experience where we will create beautiful wall art for your new home.

Stay tuned for Ruth & Mark's amazing post-wedding day experience!


Chrissy said...

amazing image, way to go!

Tanya said...

Incredible! I want to have that necklace!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hi everyone! These two were incredible. Hope to show you more images very soon! Tanya, Ruth's necklace is truly beautiful. Glad she brought it along!