10 November 2007

Time is RUNNING!

Phew! The clock has been ticking for me. I feel I didn't stop running this last week. Well, running from one place to another to get everything organized for the upcoming Malta Wedding Fair at Ta' Qali. If you have ever participated in a big event you'll know of how many details you have to think of. Yeah, it's not only the images you have to get printed and framed, no it's more all the little details you have to think of as well. Beginning from little screws, hooks and wires to hang your prints, to adapters for your electronic equipment and insurance policies (to have your mind rested), etc.. It's less than a week now and my To-Do list is constantly in- and decreasing. As soon as I crossed off one thing I remember another one. Anyhow, I feel so excited and elevated at the moment, can't wait for the fair to begin. Only a few days ago I picked up some beautiful prints from my lab. Sometimes I'm in awe of how an image can look printed (by my fantastic lab). It looks great on the screen but it does not compare to a huge blown-up print which is then beautifully framed.
I know you've been waiting for some images. I've been holding them off because I want to have some little surprises for the wedding fair. But I wouldn't do a blog entry without leaving at least one image, right?!

This one below is from an engagement session. The couple took me to this absolute beautiful and sublime place in the middle of nowhere. It is a place though that has a very special and deep meaning for the couple. They have spend all their time there together, visiting it and enjoying solitude. I love how the landscape weaves into the couple's story and relationship. I believe a strong photo doesn't have to show the persons faces. Here the landscape and the couples non-verbal communication (walking together hand in hand) speaks more than two faces that smile into the camera.

It is a perfect personal piece of art. Imagine it blown up as a canvas wrap art print over your sofa: beautiful, timeless, meaningful

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