19 November 2007

.the day after.

It's over! Already! I had so much fun! The only part of my body that feels happy are my feet. Finally no more standing for hours on high heels. Phew! I put on my most comfy fluffy pink bunny boots and looking for someone who can give me a massage. Anyone?

I just want to thank everyone for the amazing response. It was a fantastic fair with great new ideas. I think it was one of the best wedding fairs in Malta ever and I am seriously considering doing it all over again next year!

Here's my stand set-up:

With my corporate colors... black&pink and a touch of white

My beautiful album. If you are thinking about getting it I'll say "GO for IT". It's a: "Once in a Lifetime"

My fabulous assistant. No she is not my sister.. but my cousin! THANK YOU so much JULE. Muuuaaa!
Also thank you Sophia. I don't know what I would have done without you two!

One pose in front of my signature images.

It was so great to have Damian just across our stand.

He did such a fantastic job on the bars.. Look at the wine bar!

A lot of hugs to CHARMING DIVA from Mosta who were right beside me and Ramla Bay Resort from Marfa, an incredible Hotel for your wedding and honeymoon.

Last but not least, I cannot thank enough all the people who have helped me to make this happen! Thank you: Mama&Papa, my dear sisters, Mark, Joyce&Johnny, Lisa&Andrea, Ruth&Mark, Elaine&Robert, Fleur &Anthony, my dear aunt Sandy for her wonderful and encouraging E-mails, and all the people who believe in me. Thank YOU!

To all the couples who signed-up. An E-Mail blast will go out this week. Check your INBOX for more Jessmor News!

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