05 October 2007

Cocktail Dreams

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Damian Muscat, an award winner for his incredible and amazing cocktail creations. I really enjoyed the shoot. It was a nice change and as you can see Damian's cocktails get you really inspired and .. well yes.. also your taste buds tingling. The cool tahohings is that Damian caters also for private functions, weddings and all other special occasions and has a choice of a mobile bamboo bar, a classic bar and a wine hut! Can you imagine how your guests would love it!!! So if you look for exceptional and professional service and that little something different visit Damian at the wedding fair this November or get in touch with him via damianscocktails.wines(at)yo.com or visit him here on his website.

Isn't that such a cute idea?

For me every cocktail deserved a close-up. The garnish is plain and simply beautiful

Ha, that lemon twirl was so cool!

A cocktail out of my dream!

Simple elegance

Liquid red cherry... that was my first thought

I LOVE this one:

Mmmhhh ice cold.. something for a hot summer night

Can it get any better?!

Pure heaven!


George said...

MMMMmmmm... with summer just round the corner those cocktails are ideal. Need recipes tho :)

Keep up the good work Jess. Always something new and different. Your photos are becoming popular at work.

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Haha, summer around the corner! Yeah you are lucky over there in ozzie land! I wish we'd have another 3 months of summer but can't really complain, can I ?!;-)
Tnx for your comments, they are always highly appreciated. Say hi to the people at work!!!