13 September 2007

A quick Note

Sorry, for the lack of blog posts. At the moment, I am completely wrapped up in editing mode. I have about 6 sessions to work at and also have to keep up with office work (yuck!). Sadly, that's also part of the business reality.
I am so looking forward for next week... I am going to cover another couple's special day.. and I know this one is going to be a fabulous wedding.
Upcoming posts: A love session, a pre-wedding, a post-wedding, delicious cocktails (yeah!), our famous bridal shoot and so much more! All coming soon!

For now a photo from my back garden ;-)
As you all know, I love sunsets, nature and a walk to unwind from all that editing and sitting in front of the computer. I also like curvy roads.. they are so mysterious. You do not know what's behind it and you can let your imagination run a little wild...

Tomorrow I'll show you what's behind it! For now, I have to get back to work. Tnx for stopping by!

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