18 September 2007

Adoringly, Sexy, Fabulous, Fun!

These are just a few words when I think about Lisa & Neville. I don't know if I ever had such a fun session before. We really hit it off right from the start.
These two are just amazing and one thing is for sure: they are an unbelievable sweet couple! I love how they interacted with each other, and all the time we were laughing and doing silly things and they were practically up to do anything. It was a real dream working with Lis and Nev (well, actually it didn't feel like work at all, more like having fun with good friends).
Thank you so much you two. (Can we do it again?)

How beautiful and sensual:

We found a nice red, red door

Vintage look for a vintage tower

You have to blow this one up to see Lisa's unbelievable cute expressions... and the light is so yummy too!

Roman Goddess:

Not bad either ;-)

They are so much fun. The location was great. Tnx Nev for taking us there!

Another incredible image of Lisa

Very challenging. It doesn't show but it was getting really dark here... and Lisa was jumping around. (we both don't like seaweed.. creepy stuff!)

With the moon and some impressive Maltese rock formations

Yeah and we had a nice sunset too


Sonja said...

Lovely! They seem to be a great couple. Fantastic photos. My favourite is the first one.

Bumatay said...

Beautiful couple. I love that shot with them in the clock tower and the post process.