26 September 2007


Inspiring BRIDES

Are you ready for GLAMOUR?!

NEW: Bridal Glamour Sessions COMING SOON!

18 September 2007

Adoringly, Sexy, Fabulous, Fun!

These are just a few words when I think about Lisa & Neville. I don't know if I ever had such a fun session before. We really hit it off right from the start.
These two are just amazing and one thing is for sure: they are an unbelievable sweet couple! I love how they interacted with each other, and all the time we were laughing and doing silly things and they were practically up to do anything. It was a real dream working with Lis and Nev (well, actually it didn't feel like work at all, more like having fun with good friends).
Thank you so much you two. (Can we do it again?)

How beautiful and sensual:

We found a nice red, red door

Vintage look for a vintage tower

You have to blow this one up to see Lisa's unbelievable cute expressions... and the light is so yummy too!

Roman Goddess:

Not bad either ;-)

They are so much fun. The location was great. Tnx Nev for taking us there!

Another incredible image of Lisa

Very challenging. It doesn't show but it was getting really dark here... and Lisa was jumping around. (we both don't like seaweed.. creepy stuff!)

With the moon and some impressive Maltese rock formations

Yeah and we had a nice sunset too

14 September 2007

Lonely Tree

Welcome back to my second entry from yesterday and the revelation what's behind that curvy road... no castles, no rivers but a lonely tree in full blown sunset! Yeah, you think I try to keep you hanging in there until I finally manage to blog my last sessions. No worry, check back often...it's all going to be revealed very soon!
Hope you enjoyed the "Lonely Tree" nevertheless!

13 September 2007

A quick Note

Sorry, for the lack of blog posts. At the moment, I am completely wrapped up in editing mode. I have about 6 sessions to work at and also have to keep up with office work (yuck!). Sadly, that's also part of the business reality.
I am so looking forward for next week... I am going to cover another couple's special day.. and I know this one is going to be a fabulous wedding.
Upcoming posts: A love session, a pre-wedding, a post-wedding, delicious cocktails (yeah!), our famous bridal shoot and so much more! All coming soon!

For now a photo from my back garden ;-)
As you all know, I love sunsets, nature and a walk to unwind from all that editing and sitting in front of the computer. I also like curvy roads.. they are so mysterious. You do not know what's behind it and you can let your imagination run a little wild...

Tomorrow I'll show you what's behind it! For now, I have to get back to work. Tnx for stopping by!

02 September 2007

Local Band

Recently a local radio station, XFM Radio, held a Virtual Rockstar Competition. Young local bands could participate and showcase their talents. I thought it is a great idea to promote talents from this small island, especially since it is so hard to break into the international music industry here. I think the winner got a record deal with an overseas music company. That's huge for Malta which has many wonderful talents but that often go unheard because funds are just too limited here for promotion, etc.. Anyway, I'd love to share with you today one of the bands that I really love. They have just been playing together since the beginning of the year and I find it incredible how well they sound together. Just see for yourself:
I also want to give a shoutout to Ann de Gaetano who won the competition with her band Slur. Congratulations and keep on going, you're GREAT at what you are doing!

So here is beige (PS: don't care about the video just listen to the music!):