29 August 2007


Finally, for all who have waited patiently here are the images of Sarah and Joseph's amazing wedding. It was also a very special day for me since the bride is my youngest sister. Needless to say, I was double excited. Shortly before the ceremony my knees were actually little shaky.
Sarah & Joseph's wedding day turned out to be a dream. They had planned their big day from abroad and every little detail they worked so hard for came together this day and made it a truly memorable event.

We started early with getting ready. Our oldest sister Desiree did Sarah's make-up and hair in a beautiful classic updo:

Desiree, sister, matron of honor, genius:

Stunningly beautiful.. our little sister on her wedding day

Ahh, she looks so cute here

Sarah's amazing details:

A classic wedding gown

On the balcony of the San Lawrenz Resort, Gozo

Princess with an attitude. Sarah rocked to 50 cents "In Da Club". No sign of nervousness!

Our beautiful mother

Little angel

Our dad was so proud.. just look at him!

An emotional moment during the Ave Maria. Joseph waiting to see his bride. Can you feel it?

This awesome image was taken by my second shooter Mark. That's exactly how I envisioned it.

And this was my view

Beautiful shot of the ceremony at Ta' Pinu Church:

During the ceremony:

The mass was very personal and emotional, especially for the parents:

Happily walking up the aisle. Love this photo:

I love this image that we took as a series right after the ceremony. A quiet and serene moment between the couple.

Look at the handsome groom, doesn't he look like a movie star?!

The equally gorgeous bride (I call her principessa)

Another short moment in front of the church

The party took place at the "one and only" Ta Frenc Restaurant

They are so in love and it shows. Their first dance.

One last detail:


George said...

Thanks Jess.... not ashamed to say that those photos brought tears of joy to my eyes, once again.
You have captured the very essence of love in those photos. Keep it up!!

Sabine said...

These photos are truly awesome... Oh, Jess, why weren't you there with your camera (i. e. at Ta' Pinu!) 23 years ago??! *sigh*

Give my very best wishes to "little Sarah" (that's how I remember her LOL!) and to your proud mum & dad!

Sarah said...

Thank you so much Jess. You really managed to capture the feelings that Joseph and I shared on our special day. I am so proud of you.

I love the pictures and they touched me so much. Felt like being there again. I know that my photoalbum will always remind me of my wedding day.

I love you big sister!!!! I love both of you so much. Thank you for everything!


Bumatay said...

You captured everything beautifully! These images really tell their story and I love the detail shots. Amazing work!

Joseph said...

Hey jess, the pictures truly reflects the wonderful day that it was for me (and of course my wife). Great pictures.

Jessica C. Moritz said...

I am blown away by all of your comments. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Little sister and little brother, it means so much to me that you two love your photos and it reminds you of your wedding day. I wish you all the happiness in the world. You two are perfect for each other and I am so glad you have found each other!
Sabine, thanks for all your wonderful words. You always make me smile with your comments!
George, it brings tears of joy to my eyes to read that my images brought tears to yours. Thank YOU!
Bumatay, I feel honored to have you comment on my blog.

Edel said...

Jess, the wedding pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!! you have
outdid yourself!! PROSIT!! hugs.
there is no doubt about it...you'll be my wedding photographer!

ANDREA said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my Lord .... these photos are amazing and I must say it helped that the bride is so beautiful too God Bless her.

My daughter is 4 months old and she is called Sarah too. Lets hope the name Sarah means beauty to all called Sarah ha ha.

I dont know you Jessica but you must be one of the greatest photographers on earth .. you have a gift.

God Bless