06 August 2007


...to everyone who has send me comments, e-mails and messages! It just makes my day when I hear from you! I have quite a few things up the work which I can't wait to share with you: a bridal fashion shoot (awesome!), an amazing wedding and tomorrow I head to Gozo for an incredible post-wedding shoot. I am sooo excited since we're going to try some new stuff and my couple is so willing to create some breathtaking unforgettable images.
Next week I am flying out to Germany for a little break and some shopping.
To all German clients: Schickt mir eine Mail mit euren Anfragen und euerer Telefonnummer und ich ruf euch an.
To all my Maltese clients: Thanks for all your inquiries. If you want to book a session for August you have to hurry up. I have only one more slot open and only a few for September. New bookings for lifestyle and model sessions start in October.
To all professional photographers in Malta: Thanks for your e-mails. I plan on organising a small informal meeting where we all can get to know each other. If you like to join in for a drink send me a message and I put you on the list.

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Crystal said...

Hi Jessica. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's been a while since I have visited yours. But your look is just as amazing as always.