14 July 2007

My Wonderful Irish Couple

Sarah and Steven are one of my very special couples. They are so laid back, friendly and genuine. I cannot say enough how great it was to have met them. About 7 months ago Sarah had contacted me because she was thinking about having a photographer for their Big Day. Both are Irish and planned an intimate family wedding on our beautiful sunny island of Malta. Someone was so nice to recommend me on a Forum so that's how we basically got in touch. Sarah and I used to mail each other forth and back over the months and when finally the day arrived to meet I was so excited.
For our pre-wedding we thought it would be nice to include their little daughter Olivia. This little girl just stole my heart. It took me about 3 meetings to warm her little heart for me but on her parents wedding day she trusted me completely and gave me the cutest faces (photos coming soon).
Enough chatter for now, here are their photos:

I Looove this photo. It's so cute!

Olivia with Mom and Daddy

And a family portrait with Sarah's Mom. She is so young and fantastic!

Sarah's smile makes me smile every time I look at it.

Haha, The Avenue in Paceville. They've got great colorful chairs. Dear Management, thanks for letting us shoot there (btw, their Filet Steaks are out of this world!)

A sequence of Steven. His smile ain't bad either ;-)

So sweet!

Simply Beautiful!

For this one I had to stop all the traffic. I think Sarah and Steven thought I was crazy... but it was definitely worth it. It got that post card charm (blow it up to see details).

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2nd photo is nice... I love it....
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