21 July 2007

My Blog turns ONE!

Yesterday I celebrated my first Blogaversary!!! One year has already passed since I started to share bits and pieces of my work with the world out there. In the beginning I had no idea where this would take me and I definitely would have never imagined all the things that happened to me during my first year. Wow, what an experience! I'm utterly amazed and grateful when I look at my little world map that shows my visitors location. Hey, all of you out there: Thanks for visiting and sticking around here. Hello to my second home the US and of course a big Hello to Canada. How are you guys doing out there? Hi to that big dot in Guatemala (is that your location?). Hi Africa, Asia and wonderful Australia. And a big kiss to my home Europe and my island of Malta. Malta might be a tiny island in the Mediterranean but hey it left the HUGEST mark on my map and covered all the area around it (including Sicily). Thanks for your support my wonderful Maltese people!
Of course, hello to everyone else that I haven't mentioned yet. Leave a comment with your location. This is so much fun.

In the next few days I have more to share so stay tuned and keep on looking how my blog keeps growing, day by day!

And next year I throw a huge party!

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Sabine said...

Yay!! Here's HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY wishes all the way from Gozo! :D