11 July 2007

JESSMOR.COM launches Today!

The long long wait is over!!! Finally, my Killer Website ;-) is officially launching today. I am so excited, I've been working on it for long and in the last few weeks all details have been coming together. This wouldn't have been possible without my awesome website company BLU from the US. You probably have already noticed the change of color on my blog. Yeah, that's all part of my custom design. More changes are coming soon and my website will also be updated regularly with more content and fun stuff. Check it out by clicking the image above or navigate to www.jessmor.com.
I am so in love with my website and I hope you'll love it too!!!

PS: The Blog will continue with latest news and photoshoots!
PPS: Disable all Pop-Up blocker for jessmor.com

Can't wait to hear what you think. I love comments!


Sabine said...

truly awesome stuff Jess - congratulations!! I'd been wondering when the big day of the launch would be. A big well-done to you! :-)

Justine said...

Hi Jess,I just wanted to congratulate you on your fab website.It's looking great!! Hope you're doing ok :o)

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hi Girls, thank you! You made my day! muuaa ;-)

Andy Towler said...

Hey Jess,
Long time no see.
I love the new site - it looks very cool and professional - and very different from all of the sites I've built.
My own preference would be for the music not to start until you click something (when I first looked at it I was at work and everyone turned round!), but maybe that's my fault for not having headphones plugged in...
I hope it brings you clients by the thousand!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hi Andy,
so great to hear from you! Hope you are all fine!
Hehe, I should put a huge warning sign *put your volume down when viewed in public*!. On the other hand it's an attention grabber.. so who knows ;-)
Thanks again for your words, means a lot to me coming from a professional!