27 July 2007

An Intimate Wedding

Today, I share with you Sarah and Steven's beautiful wedding in Malta. It was such a great experience to be part of their special day since it was a very intimate affair and it felt as if I was actually part of the family. I have to admit, I got quite attached to the bride & groom and their adorable little daughter. I always like to work with my couples on a more personal level so they feel completely relaxed on their big day. I also meet the bride very early on her wedding day so I'll capture the getting ready, all the moments and little details that make the day so special to the couple. Thanks Sarah and Steven for letting me be part of your wedding day and I hope you'll be back in Malta soon!

Here are some details of the wedding:

Sarah getting her hair done

I love this unobtrusive image of Sarah doing her make-up.

Some amazing details

Sarah's mom with little cutie Olivia

Ahhh these eyes and that little mouth!

What a beautiful engagement ring. Steven got style!

In the hotel room, Sarah right before the ceremony looking so elegant.

Special service by the Dragonara Resort Hotel. Champagne for the bride!

Seconds before...

The ceremony was held outside the Quadro Restaurant. Look at the view:

Exchanging of the rings...

..sealed with The Kiss!

Let's get the champagne out

Time to read the cards and well wishes of dear family members

Sarah was so excited to receive a gift of Mdina Glass. I had to post this photo because her hands are sooo beautiful!

The bouquet shot.. another good excuse to show her perfect hands.

Sarah with her mom's

Little Olivia relaxing from the day's excitements

And wide awake again with daddy. They are too sweet together!

And is she walking yet?

The dinner

The wedding was organized by Malta's popular wedding planner Sarah Young. She did an incredible job. If you plan getting married in Malta go look her up here.


Sabine said...

These photos make me wish to get married again... *sigh* Fabulous work Jess!! :-)

Jasmine said...

The handa holding the flowers is great...
Though I don't understand your fascination with black n white,I like your color ones better!

Lauren said...

Hey there! I found your blog through Crystal. I love your vibrant, colorful style. My favorite here is the ring shot :D Have a great weekend!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hey Sabine, why not have a renewal sort of celebration for your anniversary?!
Hey Jasmine, welcome here. Tnx for your feedback. I absolutley love color too. Sometimes though a black and white has so much more to tell ;-)
Hi Lauren, great to have you here! Hope you have a fab weekend too!