31 July 2007


A small teaser from our latest fashion shoot:

Make-up & Hair: Desiree Moritz
Model: Sophia Cefai-Neubrandt

27 July 2007

An Intimate Wedding

Today, I share with you Sarah and Steven's beautiful wedding in Malta. It was such a great experience to be part of their special day since it was a very intimate affair and it felt as if I was actually part of the family. I have to admit, I got quite attached to the bride & groom and their adorable little daughter. I always like to work with my couples on a more personal level so they feel completely relaxed on their big day. I also meet the bride very early on her wedding day so I'll capture the getting ready, all the moments and little details that make the day so special to the couple. Thanks Sarah and Steven for letting me be part of your wedding day and I hope you'll be back in Malta soon!

Here are some details of the wedding:

Sarah getting her hair done

I love this unobtrusive image of Sarah doing her make-up.

Some amazing details

Sarah's mom with little cutie Olivia

Ahhh these eyes and that little mouth!

What a beautiful engagement ring. Steven got style!

In the hotel room, Sarah right before the ceremony looking so elegant.

Special service by the Dragonara Resort Hotel. Champagne for the bride!

Seconds before...

The ceremony was held outside the Quadro Restaurant. Look at the view:

Exchanging of the rings...

..sealed with The Kiss!

Let's get the champagne out

Time to read the cards and well wishes of dear family members

Sarah was so excited to receive a gift of Mdina Glass. I had to post this photo because her hands are sooo beautiful!

The bouquet shot.. another good excuse to show her perfect hands.

Sarah with her mom's

Little Olivia relaxing from the day's excitements

And wide awake again with daddy. They are too sweet together!

And is she walking yet?

The dinner

The wedding was organized by Malta's popular wedding planner Sarah Young. She did an incredible job. If you plan getting married in Malta go look her up here.

21 July 2007

My Blog turns ONE!

Yesterday I celebrated my first Blogaversary!!! One year has already passed since I started to share bits and pieces of my work with the world out there. In the beginning I had no idea where this would take me and I definitely would have never imagined all the things that happened to me during my first year. Wow, what an experience! I'm utterly amazed and grateful when I look at my little world map that shows my visitors location. Hey, all of you out there: Thanks for visiting and sticking around here. Hello to my second home the US and of course a big Hello to Canada. How are you guys doing out there? Hi to that big dot in Guatemala (is that your location?). Hi Africa, Asia and wonderful Australia. And a big kiss to my home Europe and my island of Malta. Malta might be a tiny island in the Mediterranean but hey it left the HUGEST mark on my map and covered all the area around it (including Sicily). Thanks for your support my wonderful Maltese people!
Of course, hello to everyone else that I haven't mentioned yet. Leave a comment with your location. This is so much fun.

In the next few days I have more to share so stay tuned and keep on looking how my blog keeps growing, day by day!

And next year I throw a huge party!

14 July 2007

My Wonderful Irish Couple

Sarah and Steven are one of my very special couples. They are so laid back, friendly and genuine. I cannot say enough how great it was to have met them. About 7 months ago Sarah had contacted me because she was thinking about having a photographer for their Big Day. Both are Irish and planned an intimate family wedding on our beautiful sunny island of Malta. Someone was so nice to recommend me on a Forum so that's how we basically got in touch. Sarah and I used to mail each other forth and back over the months and when finally the day arrived to meet I was so excited.
For our pre-wedding we thought it would be nice to include their little daughter Olivia. This little girl just stole my heart. It took me about 3 meetings to warm her little heart for me but on her parents wedding day she trusted me completely and gave me the cutest faces (photos coming soon).
Enough chatter for now, here are their photos:

I Looove this photo. It's so cute!

Olivia with Mom and Daddy

And a family portrait with Sarah's Mom. She is so young and fantastic!

Sarah's smile makes me smile every time I look at it.

Haha, The Avenue in Paceville. They've got great colorful chairs. Dear Management, thanks for letting us shoot there (btw, their Filet Steaks are out of this world!)

A sequence of Steven. His smile ain't bad either ;-)

So sweet!

Simply Beautiful!

For this one I had to stop all the traffic. I think Sarah and Steven thought I was crazy... but it was definitely worth it. It got that post card charm (blow it up to see details).

11 July 2007

JESSMOR.COM launches Today!

The long long wait is over!!! Finally, my Killer Website ;-) is officially launching today. I am so excited, I've been working on it for long and in the last few weeks all details have been coming together. This wouldn't have been possible without my awesome website company BLU from the US. You probably have already noticed the change of color on my blog. Yeah, that's all part of my custom design. More changes are coming soon and my website will also be updated regularly with more content and fun stuff. Check it out by clicking the image above or navigate to www.jessmor.com.
I am so in love with my website and I hope you'll love it too!!!

PS: The Blog will continue with latest news and photoshoots!
PPS: Disable all Pop-Up blocker for jessmor.com

Can't wait to hear what you think. I love comments!