30 June 2007

My Beautiful & Talented Sister

I am so lucky. I have an amazing family and two sisters that I wouldn't want to change for anything in life. When we were young we used to fight like crazy but when it got tough we always stuck together like a little gang. There was no joking with us Moritz sisters. ;-)
Today, we live thousands of miles apart (Germany, Malta, USA) but distance could not come between us. Once a week we have our "Skype" conferences where we discuss all our endeavors, heart matters, and business ideas. I wouldn't be where I am today, wasn't it for the support and inspiration of my two sisters.
Yeah, and this week my older and hugely talented sister Desiree flew in from Las Vegas to work with me on a bridal fashion shoot. She is an amazing make-up artist, she'll blow you away with her creativity.
Can't wait to share but you have to wait a little!

Thank you Desi! Ich hab' dich lieb!


GreenShutter said...

I think I can imagine your feeling...
I'm so far from my family...love them and miss them... hopefully see them soon
your sister's photo actually seem like her personality...
good luck

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hi greenshutter. Yeah, it's tough sometimes but thank s to internet it's bearable. And yes, she has a GREAT personality!