20 June 2007

*I feeeel GOOD!!!!!*

I didn't know how good it feels to be typing away on this keyboard and to see this nice beautiful 19 inch screen in front of me. I had the hardest 1 1/2 weeks behind me. After my trip to Germany my PC broke down: motherboard *pfutsch*!!! I couldn't and I didn't want to believe it. I don't exist anymore without a PC. Not to mention of all the workload piling up...aaarggghh!!! Well, so for the last week I have been working on my laptop that is as fast as a snail. It's ok as a backup... sending emails and doing basic stuff... but forget about image work! So everyone who's been waiting for their images... I get straight to it now. My PC (precious something) is back and working as good as ever! Yeah, it feels sooo good!

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