13 June 2007

Heading Home

A few days ago I returned home from my trip abroad. I can't believe how time just seems to fly. It feels as my life is going at an accelerated speed these days. Is that a sign of growing older? More work? More responsibility? When I was a kid a day seemed endlessly long and now a day feels like mere 5 hours. Maybe I should cut down on sleeping ;-)
I had a great time in Berlin and in Stuttgart. Although the weather wasn't so brilliant I was glad to see my family, friends and to go a little shopping (Berlin is one of the best places for shopping sprees!). My trip to Stuttgart was very special. I met so many new people who were all so warm and welcoming. But more of that in an upcoming post!
On my way home to Malta I thought of all the things that are happening in my life and I feel so lucky to be doing what I'm doing and the things that I'm seeing.

After every trip, with all its new impressions and adventures, the best part is still to return, be picked up by someone who loves you, to unlock the door to your house, take a deep breath of that familiar smell and sleep in your own bed.

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