30 June 2007

My Beautiful & Talented Sister

I am so lucky. I have an amazing family and two sisters that I wouldn't want to change for anything in life. When we were young we used to fight like crazy but when it got tough we always stuck together like a little gang. There was no joking with us Moritz sisters. ;-)
Today, we live thousands of miles apart (Germany, Malta, USA) but distance could not come between us. Once a week we have our "Skype" conferences where we discuss all our endeavors, heart matters, and business ideas. I wouldn't be where I am today, wasn't it for the support and inspiration of my two sisters.
Yeah, and this week my older and hugely talented sister Desiree flew in from Las Vegas to work with me on a bridal fashion shoot. She is an amazing make-up artist, she'll blow you away with her creativity.
Can't wait to share but you have to wait a little!

Thank you Desi! Ich hab' dich lieb!

26 June 2007

Sneak Peak: Angelika & Friedrich

A day before Angelika and Friedrich's wedding it was raining cats and dogs. I had arrived in a small town in the South of Germany and the weather looked more than bleak. The atmosphere changed immediately when I saw Angelika's happy smile. She looked so content and no rain was going to bother her on her wedding day. In fact, I have never met a bride as relaxed as her. Only one thing really mattered to her and that was to marry her love.
Their wedding day was truly blessed by happiness and joy. Family, friends, colleagues witnessed when Angelika and Friedrich vowed to live their lives together. And the weather: as soon as the couple stepped out of the church we had bright sunshine and white puffy clouds in a blue sky.

Angelika got her hair done in a stylish place... what an atmosphere to get ready.

There as a big fish tank.. so cool!

A soft and natural make-up for Angelika.

Getting ready time in the hotel. Doesn't she look so radiant?!

A beautiful dress with intricate details:


Moments before the ceremony

The church was small and pretty

THE kiss. Everyone was so happy for the two!

On their way to the reception

Love flower girls...

A happy moment: mother-in-law hugs her new daughter.

The groom "escaped" a moment with the bride.

Beautiful countryside surrounding the reception side.

There were so many children at the wedding and they had a lot of fun too.

One last detail:
Thank you to the family of bride and groom. I felt so welcomed like a family member. I also had a great time with the guests. A big Hello to everyone I got to know in these two days!

20 June 2007

*I feeeel GOOD!!!!!*

I didn't know how good it feels to be typing away on this keyboard and to see this nice beautiful 19 inch screen in front of me. I had the hardest 1 1/2 weeks behind me. After my trip to Germany my PC broke down: motherboard *pfutsch*!!! I couldn't and I didn't want to believe it. I don't exist anymore without a PC. Not to mention of all the workload piling up...aaarggghh!!! Well, so for the last week I have been working on my laptop that is as fast as a snail. It's ok as a backup... sending emails and doing basic stuff... but forget about image work! So everyone who's been waiting for their images... I get straight to it now. My PC (precious something) is back and working as good as ever! Yeah, it feels sooo good!

13 June 2007

Heading Home

A few days ago I returned home from my trip abroad. I can't believe how time just seems to fly. It feels as my life is going at an accelerated speed these days. Is that a sign of growing older? More work? More responsibility? When I was a kid a day seemed endlessly long and now a day feels like mere 5 hours. Maybe I should cut down on sleeping ;-)
I had a great time in Berlin and in Stuttgart. Although the weather wasn't so brilliant I was glad to see my family, friends and to go a little shopping (Berlin is one of the best places for shopping sprees!). My trip to Stuttgart was very special. I met so many new people who were all so warm and welcoming. But more of that in an upcoming post!
On my way home to Malta I thought of all the things that are happening in my life and I feel so lucky to be doing what I'm doing and the things that I'm seeing.

After every trip, with all its new impressions and adventures, the best part is still to return, be picked up by someone who loves you, to unlock the door to your house, take a deep breath of that familiar smell and sleep in your own bed.