02 May 2007

Tree 4U

Today, I had the opportunity to witness and capture the Tree For You (34U) campaign, an initiative to create more woodland for the Maltese environment. In the coming years more than 10,000 trees will be planted in parks across the island. I think that is such a great idea! Of course, a big thanks goes out to the sponsors who support the campaign and contribute to a healthier environment.
The day started out with lots of sunshine, a blue sky with some puffy clouds.

I headed to one of the parks that is at Kennedy Grove near Salina Bay. The Enemalta Corporation planted 30 trees in celebration of their 30th year in operation.
Sorry, I cannot post any images of person but here are some images that at least give an idea about the campaign.
The trees were all planted by Enemalta employees. 30 individuals actually planted the trees with their own hands. Well, that little dirt is really worth it for the good cause. And there was a definite satisfaction and happiness across the staff's faces.
It'll take a while but it's a fantastic beginning!
As far as I know, the park is open for public. Have a look around next time you are there!

A thank goes out to my fellow professional Mark Cassar who hooked me up for the shoot with Nicky from MAS Communications. These are the guys from the awesome HOMEWORKS Magazine.
A even bigger thanks goes out to Mark Vassallo for assisting me today!

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