17 May 2007

Amazing Eyes

I had the most fantastic photoshoot the other week: rocking locations, soft and sweet light and yeah wait until you have seen Justine's eyes. They are so amazing! I think this must be one of my longest image posts ever, I just couldn't decide on my favorites. Here are a "few", hope you enjoy!

I only see eyes...

I like it in color... but...

this image just has to be a black and white! Amazing!

I love this location, gives a nice edgy background.

So summery!

And Justine is like a soft breeze of summer air!

Another b&w I couldn't resist posting. Even without color Justine's eyes are beaming!

Isn't that so cute... well and sexy!

Haha, the hat. Justine admitted she didn't like her hat but it came out GREAT on the images! reminds me somehow of summer, beach, Bacardi commercial.

One of my more artsy ones.. and one of my absolute favorites. It's different. It has Attitude!

Last one, like the crop and negative space. Will turn into my art images. Thanks Justine, you were truly inspiring!


BethLaurren said...

Hi Jessica! You're work is unbelievable....and this girl has the most stunning eyes!

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Hi Beth, thanks!!! Yes, and she was a dream to work with!

Ricki Ford said...

She is beautiful. Great work

Anonymous said...

Excellent pics Jess.Keep up the good work.

Jasmine said...

What an AWESOME shoot!! Gorgeous!

Bill said...

Those eyes belong on a boat.