03 April 2007


This is Pupa. Pupa means doll in English... and she really is a doll! She just has this ability to make your heart melt. She is that sweet! Pupa definitely made me fall in love with her... how can you resist not to smile when you see these uber-cute expressions on her face. Have a look and see for yourself!

Haha, isn't she sooooo adorable?!

Yeah... and then that disarming smile!

I really love this image. It shows tenderness, care and the growing relationship between older sister and her new baby sibling.

And here is the little one. PS: Here little toes are going to be famous one day ;-)

Pupa exploring the outside

Her new favorite friend. I love details...

One last cute expression! *sigh*

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George said...

Excellent pics... Love them. I am probably very biased anyway but they are still awesome. Helps me keep track of how much pupa is growing!!