25 April 2007

Invite Spring into Your HOME

Hi everybody, it's an awesomely spring day today here in Malta. Sun has been shining from early morning, birds are singing happily and the sea... is sssooooo crystal clear and calm. Wow, what an effect weather has on me! In any sense, it's a perfect day and I feel happy!
I am currently working on a long term project and in part of it I spend the day outside, refreshing my mind and looking for new inspiration. While roaming around I couldn't stop noticing how beautiful the countryside is around this time of year. Malta is an island with stark contrasts. In Summer the land is dry and the bright yellow limestone is competing with the dark blue sea. Now in spring, the countryside is very colorful and covered by a green blanket with purple, pink and yellow flowers.

Here are some art images that will definitely brighten up your home! Download images as a desktop background and turn your PC into a small spring garden! Enjoy!
(Copyright Jessica C. Moritz)


Steve G said...

I followed your link from Malta Media. I love your photos. Good shots.

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Thank you!