11 April 2007


Today, I would like to give you a little insight of my photography. As you could see from my last week's entry I really enjoy working with colorful imagery especially in child photography. Their clothes, little toys and child accessories look fab in bright colors. But I also absolutely love working with black and white. Sometimes I see an image and I know this one has to be a black and white! The special thing about mono is that it gives character to an image - everything that could be distracting is stripped away and you concentrate on the essential, such as, the face and expression of a person.
My background in photography comes from classical b + w darkroom printing where I learned how to see in b + w. The days I worked in a darkroom were ones of the most inspiring and creative times for me. I still remember the magic of developing my own prints. It's a long but awesome process where you can give your images each time a unique look through the exposure, film speed, paper, etc. you chose. Nowadays, of course, digital gives me the freedom to decide after the shoot if I chose to convert an image from color to b&w and I can still apply all the knowledge of classical b + w art on my photography.

Here are some examples:

A "high key" b + w, it's so fine and tender... it nearly looks as if it was drawn with a pencil.

Warm and grainy. And again the attention focuses on the expression of the child.

A dark and moody b + w for a great effect.

Tinted b + w, working great on this one.

Hope you all had a great Easter. I will be very busy the coming weeks but try to keep you updated on my work and new stuff that's coming up!

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Katrin said...

Hi Jess!
The different effects black and white photography can create are very beautiful! I couldn't say which I prefer, colour and b&w both have their advantages and I agree that for some pictures one or the other just seems perfectly right.
Great Photos as always!