25 April 2007

Invite Spring into Your HOME

Hi everybody, it's an awesomely spring day today here in Malta. Sun has been shining from early morning, birds are singing happily and the sea... is sssooooo crystal clear and calm. Wow, what an effect weather has on me! In any sense, it's a perfect day and I feel happy!
I am currently working on a long term project and in part of it I spend the day outside, refreshing my mind and looking for new inspiration. While roaming around I couldn't stop noticing how beautiful the countryside is around this time of year. Malta is an island with stark contrasts. In Summer the land is dry and the bright yellow limestone is competing with the dark blue sea. Now in spring, the countryside is very colorful and covered by a green blanket with purple, pink and yellow flowers.

Here are some art images that will definitely brighten up your home! Download images as a desktop background and turn your PC into a small spring garden! Enjoy!
(Copyright Jessica C. Moritz)

23 April 2007

New Tool

Hi there,
I just found this cool map on the net and had to post it here. I love to know where people are visiting me from and now YOU can see your own location in real time. You only have to click the map to open it (make sure you allow pop-up blockers for this site) and then move your mouse over the map. The darker area indicates where it's night and people are sleeping. Ain't this neat?! Have fun!
(PS: you probably have to click a couple of times so a new window opens. And don't forget about the pop-up blocker!!!)

11 April 2007


Today, I would like to give you a little insight of my photography. As you could see from my last week's entry I really enjoy working with colorful imagery especially in child photography. Their clothes, little toys and child accessories look fab in bright colors. But I also absolutely love working with black and white. Sometimes I see an image and I know this one has to be a black and white! The special thing about mono is that it gives character to an image - everything that could be distracting is stripped away and you concentrate on the essential, such as, the face and expression of a person.
My background in photography comes from classical b + w darkroom printing where I learned how to see in b + w. The days I worked in a darkroom were ones of the most inspiring and creative times for me. I still remember the magic of developing my own prints. It's a long but awesome process where you can give your images each time a unique look through the exposure, film speed, paper, etc. you chose. Nowadays, of course, digital gives me the freedom to decide after the shoot if I chose to convert an image from color to b&w and I can still apply all the knowledge of classical b + w art on my photography.

Here are some examples:

A "high key" b + w, it's so fine and tender... it nearly looks as if it was drawn with a pencil.

Warm and grainy. And again the attention focuses on the expression of the child.

A dark and moody b + w for a great effect.

Tinted b + w, working great on this one.

Hope you all had a great Easter. I will be very busy the coming weeks but try to keep you updated on my work and new stuff that's coming up!

03 April 2007


This is Pupa. Pupa means doll in English... and she really is a doll! She just has this ability to make your heart melt. She is that sweet! Pupa definitely made me fall in love with her... how can you resist not to smile when you see these uber-cute expressions on her face. Have a look and see for yourself!

Haha, isn't she sooooo adorable?!

Yeah... and then that disarming smile!

I really love this image. It shows tenderness, care and the growing relationship between older sister and her new baby sibling.

And here is the little one. PS: Here little toes are going to be famous one day ;-)

Pupa exploring the outside

Her new favorite friend. I love details...

One last cute expression! *sigh*