29 March 2007

Spam Alert!

Dear fellow bloggers,

I have found out that my name has been used to advertise for somebody else's services. Please be aware if you receive the following message or comment:

jessica said...


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This message is definitely NOT written by ME! If you have received this comment or encountered a similar situation I'd love to hear from you. Please just write me a quick note through my mailbox.
Thank you.

On a positive note: We are working on our brand new website. It's going to be HOT!!!
We hope to launch in the coming weeks so keep looking out for it!


Jasmine said...

What a bummer, Jessica! :(
CONGRATS on working on the new site! Woohoo!

Mudlake Slim said...

This appeared on my Blog this morning and from the searching I've done it seems to be widespread. It's a type of spam and the message is the same. I looked at the site at it looks very cheesy. I will be spreading the word.

Jessica C. Moritz said...

Many thanks for the info! I will investigate it further and take action against these spammers!