29 March 2007

Spam Alert!

Dear fellow bloggers,

I have found out that my name has been used to advertise for somebody else's services. Please be aware if you receive the following message or comment:

jessica said...


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This message is definitely NOT written by ME! If you have received this comment or encountered a similar situation I'd love to hear from you. Please just write me a quick note through my mailbox.
Thank you.

On a positive note: We are working on our brand new website. It's going to be HOT!!!
We hope to launch in the coming weeks so keep looking out for it!

15 March 2007

precious tiny feet

These tiny little feet belong to a very special little girl that is only a couple of weeks old. I had a such a wonderful time spending a few hours with her and experiencing her family's joy and happiness. Every three months of her first year I will visit this little miracle and capture her growing up. I am so looking forward for next time to see how she has progressed again. It goes so quick, doesn't it?! In my newborn sessions I always look for small details that give reference to the babies size. Love this shot! Can't wait to show you her feet in 3 months!
More coming soon!