09 January 2007

A Beautiful World

Last week, I had a little time-out for myself. After New Years, everyone was still on shutdown which gave me some time to unwind and do things that I haven't had done in quite a while now. These are just very simple things, like going for a walk or jogg, reading the newspaper (the actual one in print and not the one online), sleeping a bit long (hehehe). Basically just doing lazy things that you normally don't have time for anymore. The other day, my other half and I went for a ride and stopped by the sea. Ahhh, I love the fresh breeze and that specific smell of the sea. We would be just standing there by the shore and look out on the endless sea and get a bit warmed up by the sun. I love to do these things, they are so liberating! And sometimes, there comes a moment when these magical things happen. The sun hides behind a great cloud and the rays beam underneath it, dancing on the sea's surface.

And suddenly the cloud opens up for a couple of seconds and the sun sends out this gorgeous golden light. That's when I always realize how lucky and happy I am to live in a beautiful world like this. (click image for a larger view).

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