31 January 2007


The other day I received a nice surprise. JACK Magazine was laying on my doorstep. I was all excited and ripped the envelope open...

... and there it was:

yeah... JACK says "Greece? No, Malta is better!" I couldn't agree more.
It was so cool to see my article published.. especially in such an ultra cool mag as JACK.
La Bella Blogger Del Mese... Italian Men know how to make a woman feel sexy ;-)
Now I would only like to know if I have to thank Diego or Stefano...

Malta's night scene

Gotta blow it up!

It was awesome to work with Stefano Priolo and Diego Barbera from JACK Magazine.
If you would like to read the English version, GO HERE to go to Gossip-from-Malta.Blogspot.com

27 January 2007


I love my job! I get to work with so many incredible and unique people in extraordinary places. At last week's photo shoot, I had the opportunity to get to know Debbie. She is just an amazing and talented girl. Debbie studied fashion design and creates her own outfits. In fact, I think it's only a matter of time Debbie will launch her own label for party clothes. So keep looking out for her!
Today, we have lots of images to share with you. Debbie brought many outfits along and we kept changing and going to different locations. We came back with magazine style images with a lifestyle flair. In that sense, enjoy Malta's beautiful scenery and amazing dazzling Debbie. (As usual, click image to have an enlarged view!)

INFO: Now is the time to shoot your model portfolio (starting at LM 80 excl. VAT). Contact me for more info!

26 January 2007

New Business Cards are IN

Hi Guys,
just wanted to let you know that my spanking new and hot business cards have arrived today!!! Yeah, they are really cool... I am not kiddin'! ;-)
I plan on changing the cover image (front side of card.. yes they R 2-sided!) every six month and make them something like a collectible. Wanna know who made it first on the cover of J, then just drop me a line in my mailbox with your name and address and I will send them to you by post.

New photo update it's on it's way... and it's a HOT one. Promise!

See you this weekend!


15 January 2007

Blessing of the Animals

Please use the mailer on the sidebar under my profile to receive your images. Please include details (you and your pet, image number, etc. so I have an idea which photo you are talking about and please also include your email address). To see the photos please CLICK HERE or follow the link to Gossip-From-Malta.

12 January 2007

Featured on Awesome Photographs

This is so exciting!!! Today, Juliana's and Jesus' image by the Brandenburg gate was featured on AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHS. I really don't know what to say! I am over the moon by these great news. It's just awesome to have your work recognized by an international audience and being featured among great photographers from around the world. Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive and a huge thanks to Jule & Jesus for being so awesome!!!
To see the feature and read the story, click HERE or go directly to Awesome Photographs.
Always feel free to leave a comment. Love to hear from you!

09 January 2007

A Beautiful World

Last week, I had a little time-out for myself. After New Years, everyone was still on shutdown which gave me some time to unwind and do things that I haven't had done in quite a while now. These are just very simple things, like going for a walk or jogg, reading the newspaper (the actual one in print and not the one online), sleeping a bit long (hehehe). Basically just doing lazy things that you normally don't have time for anymore. The other day, my other half and I went for a ride and stopped by the sea. Ahhh, I love the fresh breeze and that specific smell of the sea. We would be just standing there by the shore and look out on the endless sea and get a bit warmed up by the sun. I love to do these things, they are so liberating! And sometimes, there comes a moment when these magical things happen. The sun hides behind a great cloud and the rays beam underneath it, dancing on the sea's surface.

And suddenly the cloud opens up for a couple of seconds and the sun sends out this gorgeous golden light. That's when I always realize how lucky and happy I am to live in a beautiful world like this. (click image for a larger view).

01 January 2007

Anybody square today?

Hi everybody, hope you all had a great start into the new year 2007! I just returned from a trip to Berlin, Germany. Apart from spending some family time at christmas, I was also hunting for some new cool products to bring home with me for my clients in Malta. Yeah and my shopping turned out very successful! There was so much to see and buy, I had a hard time choosing what to take with me. I loved all the new innovative frames and albums that differ from the normal stuff you can buy from the shop around the corner. I totally adore the new simple and modern frames that give beautiful images a great impact and style up your home.
Here is a little tiny preview of the new square format frames that come in different colors, styles and sizes.

For all my January and February clients I will have a surprise photo gift that comes with your package. So, get in touch to schedule your photoshoot for this season!