28 December 2007

What's This?!

Hey everyone,
hope you all had a fabulous, wonderful and peaceful christmas! Mine was quite laid back since I did not go to Berlin... so no sitting around Mama & Papa's christmas tree. Well, I missed that but I kept busy with giving my first dinner, ever! I am not a seasoned cook but I gave it a try. I hope it wasn't too bad.. except for the dry meat!
I also allowed myself a lazy day. An entire day sitting in front of the TV. Don't asked me how I manged to do that but at the end of the day I went haywire ;-)

Anyway, I have great new stuff coming up. Do you see the image above? Those are the "left-overs" from a post-wedding session. I know, some might be cringing now but it was AWESOME! See all for yourself in just a couple of days!
PS: Have an AMAZING New Year's EVE and looking forward hearing from you all!

14 December 2007

Model Portfolios

Now it's the time again to reserve your date for a model portfolio shoot! All shoots will take place from January to March 08. My models will get a complete session package, including:
  • consultation meeting
  • different outfits, styles, locations
  • head shots, full body shots
  • full imagine enhancement, including ***glamorous & perfect skin***
  • a beautiful, new portfolio with your images
Currently I work and on a portfolio that is completely different. If you would like to have a sneak peek when it's ready E-Mail me for a password to enter my protected webgallery!

02 December 2007

***Fantastic X-MAS Offer***

This is a special offer for all your image orders. Now you can save 20% off the regular print price if you place your order before the 12th December 08. Hurry up so you have your photos ready for this Christmas!
Still need a thoughtful and fabulous gift for a special person?
For this season I also exclusively give a 20% discount on lifestyle, family and model shoots if you book before the 12th. (the session would take place in January and February).
E-mail me for more info about our great gift cards.

26 November 2007

***Swept Away***

The above image was taken during a "We Did!" Session (post-wedding) that I offer with many of my packages. Some couples ask me why they should do a post-wedding, especially since it is not their actual wedding day and won't be the same. EXACTLY! A Post-Wedding should be completely different than the photography on your wedding day. On your most important and special day I am there to document the events, love and emotions, and little surprises. Although I take my couples "away" after the ceremony for a small short break and some photos I try to limit that time to around 25 to 30 mins. I want my couples to have as much time as possible to enjoy every moment of their day. I truly DO NOT want to turn their wedding into a photoshoot!
The post-wedding is a different story. We have the entire day to create some amazing images like the one above. We are under no pressure because of falling light levels, waiting guests, etc.
In fact, I recommend to "dress it down" a little and stay more "casual". The "We-Did"-Session is a little extra piece to the whole wedding experience where we will create beautiful wall art for your new home.

Stay tuned for Ruth & Mark's amazing post-wedding day experience!

23 November 2007

Wanted: Videographer

Hi everyone,

I am searching for a good videographer that has a similar style like mine. I am looking for person who knows the meaning of photojournalism and documentary style who is willing to work hand in hand with me. And I truly mean documentary and not videographers with HUGE obstructing cameras and 101 search lights that disturb the atmosphere of the wedding. If someone has or someone knows of someone who has the capability of filming events and editing with professional software please contact me via E-Mail at info[at]jessmor[dot]com . Training will be provided for.

Couples: This week I sent out the newsletter with updates of the wedding fair offers. If you were on the mailing list and haven't heard from me yet please use the Mailer on the sidebar to get in touch with me (or use my E-mail address above). Check also your spam folder as it might have landed there. If anyone else would like to get in touch, I am looking forward hearing from you!

20 November 2007

Lisa&Andrea's Beautiful Wedding

I am so lucky! I don't only get to photograph beautiful weddings but I get to meet the most amazing people. Lisa and Andrea share the sweetest love story and I felt so honored to witness and capture their love on their most important day! Their wedding was everything you could dream of with every detail paid attention to.
I am also so lucky because Lisa and Andrea have become close friends of mine. On my last day of the wedding fair the two of them visited me with a glass of champagne to celebrate. How can you not love them?

Let's start with Lisa's amazing details:

The radiant Bride getting her make-up done:

Lisa's gorgeous big sister Eva. Make-up by Natasha. If you still need a make-up artist I highly recommend her.

Eva helping Lisa with the details of her dress:

There are no adequate words to describe Lisa's beauty. I can only think of fairytale:

I love this series by the window.

Magazine Style. You probably have seen this one at the Wedding Fair. One of my signature images:

Lisa's incredible good looking mom before the ceremony:

And with her dad, moments of her arrival at church

"One last look back". I love this photo that my second shooter Mark Vassallo grabbed seconds before Lisa and her dad entered the church!

The moment Andrea saw his bride Lisa:


Lisa's family looking on

"WE DID!" Coming up the aisle:

"Pure Happiness", captured by Mark

Andrea's lovely mom hugging Lisa:

Her eyes were so shiny. I think from a little tear of happiness and pride!

A little passionate moment of the two of them alone.

I love how expressive Lisa is. Her happiness radiates!


This week I will put up Lisa&Andrea's private online gallery with many many more photos. If you are a relative or friend ask Lisa or Andrea for the password or E-Mail me and wait for approval.

19 November 2007

.the day after.

It's over! Already! I had so much fun! The only part of my body that feels happy are my feet. Finally no more standing for hours on high heels. Phew! I put on my most comfy fluffy pink bunny boots and looking for someone who can give me a massage. Anyone?

I just want to thank everyone for the amazing response. It was a fantastic fair with great new ideas. I think it was one of the best wedding fairs in Malta ever and I am seriously considering doing it all over again next year!

Here's my stand set-up:

With my corporate colors... black&pink and a touch of white

My beautiful album. If you are thinking about getting it I'll say "GO for IT". It's a: "Once in a Lifetime"

My fabulous assistant. No she is not my sister.. but my cousin! THANK YOU so much JULE. Muuuaaa!
Also thank you Sophia. I don't know what I would have done without you two!

One pose in front of my signature images.

It was so great to have Damian just across our stand.

He did such a fantastic job on the bars.. Look at the wine bar!

A lot of hugs to CHARMING DIVA from Mosta who were right beside me and Ramla Bay Resort from Marfa, an incredible Hotel for your wedding and honeymoon.

Last but not least, I cannot thank enough all the people who have helped me to make this happen! Thank you: Mama&Papa, my dear sisters, Mark, Joyce&Johnny, Lisa&Andrea, Ruth&Mark, Elaine&Robert, Fleur &Anthony, my dear aunt Sandy for her wonderful and encouraging E-mails, and all the people who believe in me. Thank YOU!

To all the couples who signed-up. An E-Mail blast will go out this week. Check your INBOX for more Jessmor News!

10 November 2007

Malta Wedding Fair Update

My dear couples,

Tomorrow is the big day! The Malta Wedding Fair at Ta' Qali is going to open its doors at 6pm. A lot of activities are planned like life shows, music entertainment and also a catwalk. Couples who book early receive a ticket for the lottery and fantastic prices can be won, such as a honeymoon in a tropical place! So make sure to do your most important bookings as soon as possible. Every vendor has only 4 lottery tickets to give away! Apart from that, reserve your date with popular wedding vendors since they book out quickly.
I am going to be in the extended tent where the catwalk and shows are taking place. My stand will be H 10, in the far corner. I'd also like to thank all my couples who booked with me beforehand. I have a little surprise for all of you! On a side note, I have limited availability for August 2008 and can only take a maximum of 2 additional weddings for that month. To reserve your date a deposit has to be made.
Enough of the formalities for now! I am so excited and can't wait to meet everyone!
I gotto go and prepare some more things for tomorrow! See you there and check out that crazy video about TO-DO-LISTs. Mine looks similar although it's not about babies (u have to watch the clip for that one ;-)

Time is RUNNING!

Phew! The clock has been ticking for me. I feel I didn't stop running this last week. Well, running from one place to another to get everything organized for the upcoming Malta Wedding Fair at Ta' Qali. If you have ever participated in a big event you'll know of how many details you have to think of. Yeah, it's not only the images you have to get printed and framed, no it's more all the little details you have to think of as well. Beginning from little screws, hooks and wires to hang your prints, to adapters for your electronic equipment and insurance policies (to have your mind rested), etc.. It's less than a week now and my To-Do list is constantly in- and decreasing. As soon as I crossed off one thing I remember another one. Anyhow, I feel so excited and elevated at the moment, can't wait for the fair to begin. Only a few days ago I picked up some beautiful prints from my lab. Sometimes I'm in awe of how an image can look printed (by my fantastic lab). It looks great on the screen but it does not compare to a huge blown-up print which is then beautifully framed.
I know you've been waiting for some images. I've been holding them off because I want to have some little surprises for the wedding fair. But I wouldn't do a blog entry without leaving at least one image, right?!

This one below is from an engagement session. The couple took me to this absolute beautiful and sublime place in the middle of nowhere. It is a place though that has a very special and deep meaning for the couple. They have spend all their time there together, visiting it and enjoying solitude. I love how the landscape weaves into the couple's story and relationship. I believe a strong photo doesn't have to show the persons faces. Here the landscape and the couples non-verbal communication (walking together hand in hand) speaks more than two faces that smile into the camera.

It is a perfect personal piece of art. Imagine it blown up as a canvas wrap art print over your sofa: beautiful, timeless, meaningful

29 October 2007


This is a little teaser for Ruth & Mark. They have been waiting patiently for their post-wedding images. I can only say that they are beautiful!
I really love the above image of Ruth. She looks simply breathtaking! And it's one of the images I am proud to present at the wedding fair. That's not all though, another image of Ruth&Mark's session won an internal competition and will be officially my new cover image. This is all going to be revealed at the wedding fair. Be prepared to be ***swept away***!

24 October 2007

The Wedding Fair

y dear couples,
it's this time of year again: The biggest annual wedding fair is on! I am so excited because I am taking part and I can't wait to meet you there and chat about your big day! Did you know that it's the first time it's taking place at the fantastic trade fair tent at Ta' Qali?! I already had a look and it is humongous! It will be the biggest, most packed wedding fair ever! Today, I have received the above flyer from the management and wanted to share the info with you. You can download it to keep the dates and opening hours checked.

As an extra special, I have also decided to host several evenings right before the wedding fair where you can come and visit me. I thought it would be a neat idea to get to know each other since at the wedding fair I might not have too much time for every couple if it gets really busy.
I also had many inquiries for next year and want to give you the chance to book your date before I will have to give them away at the fair. Most of you should have gotten already an email by me. If you haven't, please use the mailbox on the sidebar to get in touch with me. (Make sure to write your email address correctly so I can get back to you.)
I am so looking forward hearing from you and also finally meeting all of the brides and grooms I have been corresponding via email and telephone so far!

See you very soon!


19 October 2007

Love, Light & Wind

A few weeks back I had an incredible pre-wedding session with Lisa and Andrea. I feel so lucky to have met the two. Both of them are so wonderful - inside out! For their pre-session they took me to the perfect place. I love to shoot at different locations and I am always so excited to find out where my couples will take me to. Their special place was truly a feast for the eyes: Color and light that couldn't have been any more amazing and strong wind that added to the overall atmosphere. Enjoy!

How can you not love it?! An intimate moment between them. One of my all time favorites:

Wrapped in light:

This sequence is too cute. I just adore these two:

Wow! Lisa is struck by light & wind while Andrea looks calm and strong!

So peaceful

What a beautiful couple!

Nothing beats this light...

...for this ring shot!

I love the following images and I can't decide on my favorite one:

Without words

Straight out of a magazine

I could have gone on and on but this is the perfect shot for the end: