20 December 2006

Melanie's Graduation Bash

Last week I had the opportunity to photograph Melanie and Antonio, an awesome couple! Antonio set up the shoot as a graduation gift for Melanie. Isn't that so sweet and thoughtful?! First we did the obligatory cape and gown "frame shots" for Mom & Dad. Later on, we headed out to roam the streets of Mdina and captured some fun and romantic images for the two of them.
I had such a great time with both of you. Again, congratulations Melanie to your degree and all the best for a bright future!

Melanie has lovely sparkly deer eyes. I just love how the light reflects in them! Juicy!

Mdina is the number one spot for romantic images. I saw this white door and the colorful bright flowers of this tree. Made me stop and shoot away.

This place has a special meaning to Melanie. Her parents wedding photos were taken at the same spot.

My absolute favorite image of the session. Great colors, great expressions. Melanie and Antonio look so relaxed and in sync with each other. Love it!

It's great when the couple starts having fun and is a little daring. Fills the images with life and action!

Strolling the old streets of Mdina...

...and stopping for a last romantic shot of the day.

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