25 November 2006

New Life New Hairstyle

Hi everybody, sorry for being such a bad blogger lately, but I had looaaaads of work! I am in the middle of finalising a government and EU sponsored project. I am also currently writing an article for JACK, a travel and lifestyle magazine for italien men. Once it has gone to press, I will publish it on my other blog (so check it out if you are interested). If you have been waiting for some new photo stuff, I have good news for you. This weekend I will be shooting an engagement/ pre-wedding (if weather permits). So you can look forward to some updates. And if any of you out there are going to get get married (in Malta), you might want to check back on my blog because I will be announcing a special surprise!
Yeah, so lots of new stuff is coming up! And finally, I also made it to the hair artist/ designer/ stylist, Mario Borg @ Papilla (Rabat). It was so due!!! Every morning, I dreaded to look in the mirror and see all that weed growing uncontrollably on my head. I was definatley ready for a change, you wouldn't believe it!

That's my new look!

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Crystal said...

Oh Jessica, I LOVE it! It looks great, and you have stunning eyes.